4 Astounding Benefits OF A Serviced Apartments In Singapore

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When you travel to a different town or country, the first thing you do is book accommodation. The most obvious option for lodging is hotels, cheap or five-star. But what if I told you that there is a much better choice? Perhaps, you haven’t seen serviced apartments in Singapore yet.

A service apartment for rent in Singapore is an accommodation that gives you the functionality and flexibility of a house! It has a fully functioning kitchen and laundry, complete with equipment and furniture.

Here are the advantages of Singapore apartments:

1. Space

The number one advantage of monthly serviced apartments in Singapore is the luxury of space. Unlike cheap hotel rooms, there is a space for a living room, bedroom, and kitchen in serviced apartments. The best part? It is not as expensive as hotel suites and premium rooms!

2. Perfect for groups

Singapore apartments are your best lodging option if you are a big group of friends or family travelling together. Each apartment has one or more bedrooms for privacy. The group can also bond in communal spaces such as the living room and kitchen.

3. Cost-effective

You can save a lot of money in short term serviced apartment rental in Singapore by spilling the small rental fee among the group, preparing and cooking food in the kitchen instead of eating out, and avoiding insanely high hotel bookings.

4. Fully functioning kitchen and laundry.

Another feature the hotel lacks is a kitchen and laundry. Hotel dwellers opt to order food from the hotel’s room service or eat at a restaurant. Laundry services in hotels have extra fees, too.

Are you a vegan and can’t find a vegan dish in the city you are in? Don’t worry; you can cook your own food in your service apartment for rent in Singapore. You can also wash your dirty clothes! You need to buy ingredients and supplies from a nearby market or store.

Why settle for less when you can have serviced apartments in Singapore?

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