5 Benefits of Our Raw Cat Food at Houston Raw Pet Food


Houston Raw Pet Food believes that a raw cat food diet is the ideal cat food. All cats, including your cute domestic pet, are actually small versions of the ferocious big cats of the wild. Cats should feed on raw meat for survival because of their dietary requirements. Feeding your cat a raw meal consisting of high-quality muscular flesh, innards, and bone mimics what a feral cat would consume and provides it with the physiologically suitable nutrients it needs. Cats that feed on raw food diets tend to be healthier and happier than those that don’t. Try out our raw cat food diets and watch your pet grow healthier and happier.

Benefits of Raw Cat Food Diets

  • Healthier digestive system

Cats are naturally designed to feed on meat. Unlike raw cat food diets, most commercially prepared food diets are made up of grain-based ingredients that can stress your pet’s digestive system. Cats have a short, extremely acidic intestinal system that can break down an entirely raw diet in as little as 12 hours. Adding any complex carbohydrates can slow down the functioning of their intestinal system. Insights from research on both people and animals highlight the significance of the gastrointestinal microbiota. Systemic diseases are more likely to develop if your cat has trouble digesting its food regularly.

  • Weight management

Raw cat food is much more fulfilling when compared to processed food. Cats can become overweight from consuming too much bland food with no nutritional value. A decrease in body weight may result from feeding your cat raw food because it will feel satiated on fewer calories while still maintaining a healthy level of energy. That causes them to become more physically active.

  • Improved dental health

Raw bones, which are typical in raw cat food diets, act as natural toothbrushes. They slow plaque buildup in pets, thus, reducing gum inflammation and the occurrence of many other dental health issues.

  • Less risk of developing urinary tract problems

Cats have had increasing health issues related to their urinary and renal systems for quite some time. Dietary staples that are high in carbohydrates and heavily prepared are responsible for this. These diets have been linked to kidney irritation. The average water content of dry pet foods is between 10 and 12 percent. This is very low compared to the 50-60% water content in raw cat food diets.

  • Small and less odorous defecation

The positive effects of raw food on your cat extend to the litter tray, too. As we’ve already established, their bodies absorb and store more nutrients when fed raw meals. This results in less stinky poop and fewer feces in the litter tray.   

Let Your Cat Enjoy the Health Benefits of Raw Meals

Every single bag of our raw natural cat food is packed with fresh and natural ingredients. Our cat food diets are mainly composed of raw meats, organ meats, bones, and veggies in low quantities. All of our raw cat food diets are delivered in ice boxes for maximum freshness and nutritional retention. Contact Houston Raw Pet Food for more inquiries. You can also place an order for your pet’s favorite raw meal on our website.