5 Frequently Asked Questions about Water Dispenser


These are some of the questions we often hear when people are interested in our water dispenser business. I thought to share this because these are the questions you should ask your vendor to buy an office cooler.

FAQ 1. I am confused about the financial benefits. Is It Better to Buy or Hire a dispenser For My Business?

Answer: Renting is a good option, but you won’t enjoy any benefit of owning the equipment. This usually includes the cost of installation, disinfection and repair due to broken components. This means that the costs are very predictable, and there is no need to calculate supplies (other than plastic cups or paper cones if you need them). There are other benefits, including cash flow (no equipment related money), upgrades to new equipment (simply changing the same when renewing or renewing a contract), and replacing equipment for the duration of the contract, if damaged. 

FAQ 2. I don’t know if our water supply will get where we want the distributor. What is a water dispenser setup, and will there be interruptions?

Answer: In general, the installation team visits the site where you want to install the direct piping water dispenser. It will look for easy access to water and energy and will give some recommendations on the location of the sprayer for greater comfort and aesthetic appeal. Once the installation team receives this information, they can complete the installation and testing process, usually in about 30 minutes, minimizing interruptions.

FAQ 3. I don’t like the taste of tap water, so What does the water look like in one of the dispensers?

Answer: Water in the direct piping water dispenser supplied by the network passes through the filtration system. This was developed to eliminate the unpleasant tastes of highly chlorinated water of some utility companies. In blind tests, most people do not distinguish mineral water from tap water that has passed through the sprayer.

FAQ 4. We have employees who like a cup of tea or instant coffee during breaks. Can a water distributor supply hot water?

Answer: You can get water dispensers Singapore that can supply cold water at room temperature and enough hot water to do so. However, the amount of hot water that can be supplied is sufficient for one glass. If several people need a hot beverage at a time, we recommend a dedicated hot water dispenser. They can maintain a larger hot water tank for larger groups of people resting in the same place.

FAQ 5. I am concerned about health and safety so what are the risks with water dispensers?

Answer: It mainly depends on the type of distributor. Bottle feeding systems are still commonplace. The risks involved are:

  • Bottles are heavy (20 kg or more) and can injure anyone lifting and transporting them to the workplace.
  • If the water is stored in the bottle for a long time (some of which have a “date of birth”), algae may grow, so there is a potential health risk.
  • Bottles are recycled, and there is no way of knowing where the water in the bottle comes from your supplier. Unscrupulous suppliers are often filled with water and may be negligent with hygiene practices.
  • Springwater items do not need to be frequently certified and do not pass the same rigorous tests as tap water.

Good water dispensers Singapore avoid these issues. All you really need to do is keep the faucet area clean. The interior of the machine is protected, and a disinfection procedure is carried out as part of a regular maintenance visit. In my opinion, if you are using a bottle of water dispenser, you should switch to a network dispenser. They avoid health and safety risks, are cheaper and have a huge positive environmental impact.

Sun Yong is the author of this article on direct piping water dispenser. Find more information, about water dispenser Singapore.