5 Reasons why White kurta is a must-have in your wardrobe

5 Reasons why White kurta is a must-have in your wardrobe


If you are a true fashionista, you will be having a plethora of the latest attires and other stuff in your wardrobe, from the sparkling reds to the cheerful pinks, passionate blacks and even smart green. And all these colours play an essential role in defining your unique style and fashion. However, the position of white in your fashion collection is unbeatable! And especially if it is a white coloured kurta, it is the most magnificent addition that always helps you create a phenomenal mark on the onlookers.

From the traditional Holi attire to the basic dress you clad on Independence Day, the charm of a white Kurti for women is pretty versatile. Fashion experts suggest you have at least one of these from the many types to complete your wardrobe fashion collection. However, we know you look for reasons for such advice. So here you are, read why a white Kurti is a must-have in your wardrobe below:

  1. A white Kurta plays a canvas for your other accessories and add-ons – You have to think a lot when you are pairing other coloured kurtas with a chudidar or pants or even matching accessories. But since you are wearing white, this basic shade makes it entirely comfortable to blend with other colours and match them perfectly with the attire. Be it the tri-coloured chunri or the baby pink pants; you have the freedom to match your whites with any shades you like and still slay the outfit.
  1. A white Kurta is fit for all occasions – If you are looking for a formal presentation, match a white Kurti for women with skinny jeans and a formal wristwatch. If you want to look classy, pair it with a royal looking palazzo and exotic jewellery. If you want to achieve the festive look, blend the kurta with some heavily embedded dupatta and matching chudidar. See, didn’t white play a fabulous role in all these sections? This is exactly what we mean by white Kurti is perfect for every occasion.
  1. A white Kurta complements all skin tones – No matter what skin tone you are, if you were a white kurta, you would always look your fabulous best. It is because this shade suits everyone and make you all look astounding.
  1. White kurta is perfect for that summer weather – During summers, you want to wear clothes that make you look cool and relaxed. And a white Kurta suits the scorching climate well. The hot sun rays aren’t any harsher, and you can enjoy a cool summer look in a comfortable white-based kurta.
  1. Any work on white looks alluring – It doesn’t matter if you opt for embroidered work, fine zardozi designs or laces or buttons; you can embed them all beautifully on a kurta. And when it is white in colour, you have the freedom to choose the colours and patterns in this work, and they will definitely look stunning on this base. (In fact, the design will look more fantastic.)

Call white the leader of colours and let it play the main part in your fashion collection. And having a white kurta ensures you flaunt this dominating shade in the best possible way anywhere you go.