5 Strategies to Grow Your Instagram Account


Did you know that you need over 100,000 followers to be a macro-influencer? The good news is that even micro-influencers can make a good amount of money if they are good influencers.

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Whether you want to grow your Instagram to make money as an influencer, to grow your business, or you just want to be popular, there are some easy strategies you can follow.

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1. Create Follow-Worthy Content

Does your Instagram content look like everyone else’s? If you don’t provide value with your content, people don’t have any reason to follow you. In fact, the people that do follow you aren’t likely to stay long.

Figure out what people want and consistently give it to them, and you’ll not only keep your following, but you’ll also grow it.

2. Be Smart With Hashtags

There’s no reason to clutter your post with hashtags unless they are strategic.

Are people searching these hashtags? When you click the hashtag, does it bring up similar content?

If the answer is no to either one of those, you should leave off the hashtag you’re thinking about and find another one that works for your content. Hashtags can be detrimental to your post by taking people away from your channel, so make sure the hashtag is bringing more value than what it’s taking.

3. Stay Consistent

Posting content at specific times will help your followers figure out when they should look for your content. People often get in the habit of checking your page at certain times, and if your content isn’t there, they will think you skipped for the day.

Staying consistent often helps in the algorithms as well. If you want more reach, then post consistently.

4. Share User-Generated Content

When you give your followers a platform to be seen, it’s likely they will do things to get you to notice them. If you share content your followers make about your products and services, they will like it, but it’s also less content you have to make.

Other followers enjoy seeing user-generated content as well. It’s a way to increase customer satisfaction and to show your appreciation, and you shouldn’t overlook it since it’s free and easy.

5. Collaborate

People can follow unlimited people online, so using collaboration to grow your audience makes sense. Get to know people that are similar to you and help each other grow your base.

You don’t necessarily want to do this with your competition, but you can collaborate with people that do things that are similar to you. Your goal is to find people that have an audience that would be interested in what you do.

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Grow Your Instagram Account and Reap the Benefits

Once you grow your Instagram, you might receive benefits you didn’t even know about. People may reach out to you for partnerships, and you are likely to get opportunities you didn’t know about.

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