5 Things to do in Old Montreal you must do before you die


Old Montreal is a place for the dreamers and dying peacefully, is not an option unless you get to visit this beautiful heavenly place, even for once. In Canada, there are countless spots, locations, hot spots, but there are more in Old Montreal as opposed to Canada itself. There are many free Old Montreal activities to do in and around the area, including recreational activities or checking out the playground with the kids. If you are confused, here are 5 things to do in Old Montreal you must do before you die.

Our usual regimen: Visit the Churches:

Not just because we want you to believe in God but churches in Old Montreal, but the churches have their own domain of beauties. Made by marvelous and brilliantly minded architects, one of the most famous churches is the Notre-Dame Basilica, being notified for its intense beauty and sculpture. Well, one thing here is settled for you that the most important thing to do in Old Montreal, is to visit churches. There are no better options.

The second-best option: Go to the museums:

Top class with its historical point and time-defying artifacts in the museum itself, Pointe-à-Callière is one of the most historical and archeological museums built right over the birthplace of Montreal. This was once a tiny plot of land by the shores of the St Lawrence River and there a small group of settlers led by Paul de Chomedey de Maisonneuve and Jeanne Mance pit stopped their boat in the year 1642. And Old Montreal is full of them.

Rent some of the best hotels:

Old Montreal is really a place of architecture and the hotels are no different either at all. If you are wondering what to do next, Hotels are your third choice to do and explore inside. Old Montreal places one of the most classic and beautiful hotels all over the world, with prices that are not that hard on your wallet. Not forced, but don’t lock yourself up in some lodge. Surrounded in front by lake Ontario, Canada’s one more attraction is the great Toronto Tower.

To-do lists and food should be a priority:

The best thing to do in Old Montreal is to eat. One of the finest places on earth with the best of the foreign dishes including Chinese, Italian, and French, delis, and bakeries to enjoy, options just keep coming and coming. Aside, if you are a Donut fan, you won’t regret sampling BeaverTails down by the Old Port. And for elegant pastries, desserts and chocolates, you can go to Maison Christian Faure.

The world of Art to explore:

Art can be redeeming and once it attracts you to itself, you become an artist. Old Montreal is the best place for everything and so it is for French art, mostly. Want to start on the eastern section of the neighbor in the public square Place Jacques-Cartier? There buskers and artists gather to showcase their talents and wares. Sketches, all live caricatures, and paintings for small sales that liven up the area in warmer time much better.