5 trusted ways of boosting business cybersecurity 

Business Technology

Cybercriminals and hackers never discriminate – No matter whether yours is a small company or large corporate, the organization is always at risk of cyberthreats and attacks. While taking reactive steps after a security breach is important for damage control, what matters as much is handling the common security concerns with proactive measures. In this post, we are sharing more on things that can help in boosting cybersecurity. 

  1. Start with employee training. When it comes to cybersecurity, your employees are on the frontline, and they need to know the threats, risks and concerns they are dealing with. Make sure that your employees are trained, informed, and well-versed about important aspects, including phishing, social engineering, and email scams. 
  2. Robust passwords are a must. To be fair, passwords are a thing of the past. For businesses, it is even more important to focus on passphrases, with special characters, uppercase & lowercase letters, and numbers. Ask all employees to use a password management tool, if they aren’t using one already. 
  3. Focus on emails. Most malware attacks come through emails, and it is supremely important for businesses to focus on email protection and safety. Encourage people to report spam emails, ask them to be careful with downloads and links, and ensure that appropriate action is taken for flagged emails.
  4. Evaluate IT security. Even if you believe that the company is doing enough about IT security, it is wise to check all policies and practices from time to time. Consider options like running a bug bounty, or using penetration testing on a regular basis, so that the actual strengths and weaknesses can be evaluated. 
  5. Install the updates. Software manufacturers release updates and patches for their products from time to time for a reason. These often fix security issues that may have existed. Apart from software and firmware, all updates related to operating systems and plugins should be installed promptly. 

Have a backup response plan

Sometimes, things do go wrong, and in such times, a comprehensive security incident management plan comes in handy. Make sure that you are regular with backups and have tested networks, but in case of a breach, there should be a clear set of steps that must be followed for reducing the consequences. 

Final word

There is nothing like having the entire organization together on cybersecurity. That’s easily the best way to address concerns and risks, especially when hackers are relying on endless tactics.