5 Typical Lombok Culinary Traveler Must Try

  • Taliwang Chicken

As soon as you hear the word Taliwang, you will immediately remember the spicy grilled chicken that burns the tongue. However, you must not miss the sensation of delicious Taliwang chicken if you visit Mataram, Lombok.

The origin of the Taliwang chicken comes from Karang Taliwang, located in Cakranegara District, Mataram City, Lombok. However, the original recipe was made by the people of Sasak Village, who are famous for their expertise in cooking spicy and delicious dishes. Recommendations for restaurants that sell Taliwang chicken include Irama Restaurant, Kania Restaurant, Pak Udin Restaurant, and H.M. Bahrain Moerad.

Location: Karang Taliwang, Cakranegara, Mataram City

Price: Starting from 40,000 IDR per serving

  • Bebalung

Bebalung is a typical Lombok dish that is similar to beef curry. However, the Bebalung typical of Sasak Village is the best. This is because the residents have a special recipe that makes you more energetic after eating bebalung. This soup, which has a savory taste of gravy with soft meat, usually has ribs and beef bones as its main ingredients. However, some culinary places in Lombok serve a menu of horse bebalung that is believed to increase stamina. Try out and enjoy the delicacy of this food when you come to Lombok.

Location: Kelebet Depot (Bebalung), HOS Cokroaminoto street, Number. 10, East Monjok, Selaparang, Mataram City 83122

Price: Starting from 25,000 IDR per serving

  • Balap Puyung Rice

Balap Puyung Rice is one of the most suitable meals for breakfast. This Balap Puyung Rice comes from Puyung Village, Lingkung Daye Hamlet, Jonggat, Central Lombok. The first pioneer to sell it was named Mrs. Inaq Esun who has been selling it since the 90s. But now you can easily find a seller of Balap Puyung Rice in every corner of the city of Mataram. The composition of the Balap Puyung Rice consists of white rice with shredded spicy chicken meat, fried soybeans, dried potatoes, stir-fried chickpeas, bacem eggs (or salted eggs), and chili sauce.

Location: Raya Puyung street, Jonggat, Central Lombok Regency 83561

Price: Starting from IDR. 17,000 per serving

  • Bulayak Satay

Each region in Indonesia has a different local satay menu. If you are in the Lombok area, do not forget to taste the Bulayak satay. There are chicken, offal, and beef satays for you to choose from. But what distinguishes Sate Bulayak from Sate in general is the rice cake wrapped in palm leaves. This is what is called ‘bulayak’.

Another unique thing about sate bulayak is the peanut sauce cooked with coconut milk plus spices such as coriander, cumin, onion and chili. To add to the enjoyment, try to dip the bulayak into the slightly gravy seasoning. You will usually find Bulayak satay sellers in the Narmada area. You can taste the sate bulayak while stopping at Narmada Park which has also many interesting photo spots.

Location: Narmada Park, Narmada Highway, Lembuak, West Lombok Regency 83371

Price: Starting from IDR 25,000 per serving.