A Simple Guide for the Best Internet Router Purchase


From the varied range of routers available in the market, it becomes to choose the one that will suit you best. While there can be multiple approaches to sort out the routers, there are some basic criteria you should look for. Skipping any of these features will restrain the maximum potential of a router that could have otherwise given you a much better wi-fi experience. So, check out these features as the must haves in the router you are selecting for yourself, that can make the most of your unlimited internet package. 

Dual Band Feature

The first thing you shouldn’t compromise with, while looking for a router for your wi-fi system is dual band gives where there will be an option to transfer data in two different radio frequencies, i.e., 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The general idea that works behind the dual band technology is to increase the size of the bandwidth to reduce lag or bottlenecking, during the peak hours of network usage.

To know in advance whether you at all need a dual band setup all you have to do is checking up your monthly internet data usage and the speed you need foreach of your online activities. If it is only there for checking email and helping your kids in doing their homework, a single band will probably be fine. But if your kid is already into gaming and you need to transfer big data files and have regular uploading and downloading tasks, you need to have a dual band essentially. 

Range of Coverage

This is one of the most important aspects in any wireless router. To enjoy strong signal from anywhere in the house, you need to have a router that offers wide range of coverage. The more the number of antennas, the more flexibility of range you get. So, routers with detachable antennas will always be recommendable in this respect.

Gigabit Ports

Gigabit ports also known as ethernet ports. If a network is configured to gigabit ethernet, a router with ethernet or gigabit ports will increase the file transfer speeds in your network.

USB Ports

To unleash the potential of your internet connection get a router that comes with a USB port. It will increase the connectivity feature of your overall internet usage as you can hook up any device to the router to share information, while making it easier to use any other output device like scanner or printer. 

Compare the Speeds 

Router speeds work the same way as cars do. The faster they can work, the better for you. in recent days, when the usage of internet is infringing in everything we do, there isn’t any point in using a slow-speed internet. A high speed internet is achieved through a hi-speed router that can process all the data in the lowest possible time. A high speed router will help you in browsing the internet faster, upload or download larger files smoothly, and won’t cause disrupted online monetary transactions.

So, these are the basic features you need to have when you need to buy a wireless router.