A Simple On The Go Guide To Training Your Husky Pup


Huskies are amazing breeds. The Siberian Huskies hold a different kind of royalty and beauty inside them. These dogs are one hell of master dogs, and they love their owners a lot. But like all the other dogs, you’ve got to train him/her first. So, here are a few ideas to start their training process at the beginner stage. And if you are looking for a husky to buy at great discounts, apply petbarn promo code.

Before we start, always remember, your pup is also a kid. Just like a human kid. Don’t go harsh on them. Training them doesn’t mean he/she has caught the balls thrown or react instantly when you call them by name from the very first day. So, how do we train them?

  •   Make them familiar with their name first:- The very first step of their training is to make them familiar with their names first. Now, we don’t always understand their language translation services ; we can’t expect they will understand ours right from the start.

Step 1:- These completely depend on you. Be very clear while pronouncing his/her name.

Step 2:- Make sure they are listening attentively when you call them.

Step 3:- Give them something in return whenever they are reacting to their names. And they will eventually start responding to their names in the first few hours or a day.

  •   The pup needs to understand NO:- Now this is a bit tough thing to do. Don’t spoil your pup with too much affection. For example, you’ve returned home tired, but your pup wants to go outside and play. Or maybe he/she is barking at some unknown person. Prepare a complete command on that. You can roll old newspapers and scold him/her with that. Make them understand if you say no, that means NO. But remember not being harsh. That hurts them. 
  •   Treat them like you treat your friends:- And he/she will become the best friend you will ever have. 
  1. Take them outside whenever you get some free time. Play with them. Try to throw frisbees at them. So that they pick them up and come back to you. These are an excellent exercise for dogs. 
  2. Take them to the bathroom or in the backyard once they’ve finished their meals. And wait until they poop. Eventually, they’ll understand the right place for doing shits.
  •   Now, as he/she knows these simple things, time for some basic training:- Say sit while pushing him on his back and keeping his head up. You can try saying shake hands while taking one of their front legs on your hand. Practice these lessons, and they’ll understand things eventually. Don’t forget their rewards. Puppies always love to have some cuddles from you.

Huskies are unusual breeds to be a pet. Don’t be harsh on them. Don’t make them afraid of yourself, and they will become a fantastic pet.