Adult Ballet Classes in Singapore: 10 Beginner’s Tips Worth Mentioning


There is a first time for everything, and it can be intimidating to be a beginner in a ballet class in Singapore. This comprehensive guide is here to cover all of your ballet slip-ups.

You’ve taken a few ballet classes and now wish to continue this new hobby. Here are some tips for beginning ballet as an adult and progressing in your training!

Here are a few ways to make your ballet class in Singapore more manageable and fluid.

1. Wear comfortable attire and tie back your hair.

Except for ballet shoes, ballet attire is unnecessary unless you are in a graded class. Do not feel intimidated if the dancer next to you is wearing a leotard and pointe shoes while you are only wearing leggings and a t-shirt. Put on whatever makes you feel most at ease. However, ensure that your clothing is form-fitting enough for the instructor to see your body positioning and correct your form! Additionally, ensure your hair is out of your face. When performing more advanced steps, such as pirouettes, tie your hair to help you execute to the best of your ability. While dancing in your ballet class in Singapore, you don’t want hair in your eyes!

2. Attend class early.

Ballet classes are no exception to the rule that students should arrive promptly. Being late to class creates the impression that you are uninterested in learning, so you should arrive as early as your schedule permits to avoid being late. Consider the distance from your residence and the amount of potential traffic.

There are numerous advantages to arriving early. Not only does it demonstrate your interest in the course, but it also provides the opportunity to meet new people who may be able to assist you in the future with your technique. You can even choose your spot for your ballet dancer’s routine and workout. Beginners should select a position at the barre that allows them to observe the dancers in front of them. The middle and back rows are ideal.

3. Inform your teacher of your concerns or injuries.

A ballet dancer’s workout is taxing on the body and engages muscles rarely utilised in daily life. Occasionally, you will feel soreness! Before class begins, communicate any concerns you may have to your instructor. If you have a current or past injury, please inform the instructor so that they can modify the exercises to your abilities or pay you extra attention in class. Also, pay attention to yourself! Stop dancing and take a rest if something hurts. Know when to exert effort and when to pull back.

4. Stretch before training.

Stretching is beneficial for all movement-intensive activities, including a ballet workout in Singapore. Stretching helps you become more flexible and prepares your body for the activities you or your instructor have in mind. It also prevents you from straining yourself by suddenly pulling a muscle from overstretching your arms or legs, and lessens the soreness you’ll experience the days following your dance class or lesson.

5. Concentrate on your posture.

Ballet is a form of dance that emphasises proper posture and form. The value of correct ballet posture is imperative, as it facilitates the injury-free performance of ballet manoeuvres. Your techniques and posture will ultimately improve as you practise, but it’s just as crucial to get off to a good start as it is to improve over time.

6. Master ballet terminology.

Ensure that, beginning with your first ballet workout in Singapore, you pay close attention to the ballet terms your instructor will introduce. The names of ballet steps are all in French and exercises will consist of a series or combination of techniques. Each step in ballet has its name—for example, petit battement. You will be able to learn the exercises in class more quickly if you know the ballet terms. It will allow you to complete the tasks to the best of your ability, rather than spending the entire time trying to remember the sequence of steps. Ballet terminology knowledge is essential, especially for open-style classes.

7. Do not undervalue your warm-up sessions.

Although the beginning of ballet class warms you up and prepares you for more challenging exercises, warm-ups are incorporated in a ballet studio in Singapore because you should not enter the session completely cold. If you prepare your body in advance, you will make faster progress. In ballet, keep in mind that your body is your instrument. Like running a marathon, you wouldn’t want to wake up and start running without ample preparation! By performing a warm-up, you alert your muscles that they are about to be exercised, allowing you to perform better in class and reduce the likelihood of injury.

8. Understand that ballet is a progressive activity.

All ballet steps and exercises are progressive due to the consistent structure of ballet classes. As a ballet class progresses, the steps will become increasingly complex. At the barre, for instance, you will execute battement tendu, battement glisse, and grand battement in that order. You must be able to perform battement tendu to perform battement glisse; both off the floor and on it. You cannot execute a pirouette without being able to do a passe or retire on a demi-pointe. As a result, pay close attention to your posture and alignment in the ballet studio in Singapore from the start of class onward to be in the best position to perform well.


9. Do not fear failure.

Failure is an integral part of the learning process in any subject, and failure in adult ballet classes in Singapore is common among beginners. You’ll be able to execute that pirouette in no time if you take the time to learn from your mistakes. You are not required to only learn from your errors. You can also observe how others perform and fail to learn from their mistakes to avoid repeating them.

10. Have a good time.

What’s the point of taking ballet class if you’re not having fun on the dance floor? Enjoying yourself while practising boosts your confidence and helps you retain the information you’ve learned in class, so take the initiative and have fun!

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