Advanced Preventative Care


In the pursuit of continually improving healthcare, while reducing high costs, advanced preventative care has become an important facet of healthcare delivery. Instead of waiting for illnesses or ailments to happen, advanced preventive care better enables you to proactively assess your health and tailor treatment to stave off potential problems before they happen. The best healthcare systems combine advanced modern healthcare diagnostic tools with long-proven healthcare methods that provide a more personalized and more effective approach. You get the best possible healthcare, while keeping costs relatively low when compared to current high rates.

Modern Healthcare Screenings

Any good healthcare system incorporates current systems for testing blood pressure, cholesterol levels, diabetes and other common health conditions. Various cancer screenings, mammograms, blood tests and other current medical tools all help to assess your current state of health. They also do a great job of suggesting necessary adjustments that people often can make in their daily lives, such as eating a more healthful diet, getting more exercise, ceasing smoking and other health-related factors. Simple adjustments in daily lives often have long-lasting, positive health impacts that enable you to live a longer, happier, and more healthful life.

Time-Honored Healing Arts

While modern medicine provides many fantastic advancements, many time-honored traditions also provide substantial benefits. Many cultures have highly advanced diets and healing methods that provide outstanding benefits. Even better, they generally are very affordable and often include common items that most people readily can afford. From herbal teas to simple exercises, it is possible to embrace long-held cultural traditions that have proven themselves over countless generations. Combining time-proven healing arts with modern medicine and diagnostic tools helps your healthcare provider to design the absolutely best personal healthcare plan for you. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach to healthcare, you get a more personalized, effective, and – ultimately – more affordable healthcare.

Benefit from Integrated, Holistic Medicine

The best way to obtain advanced preventative care is to combine the time-honored healing arts with the latest advancements in diagnostic testing and assessments. Dr. Habib’s holistic approach to medicine integrates traditional, state-of-the-art  medicine with the best time-honored and proven healing arts techniques. You benefit from precision diagnosis and modern healthcare tools, combined with the retina specialist holistic approach of the best healing arts. That gives you the best in modern medicine, with a healthcare plan more focused on your particular health needs. Advanced preventive care enables you to better control your personal health and promote longevity.