Benefits of Choosing CakePHP Development Services


CakePHP has created a lot of buzz in the recent times. Not just software development company Austin, but users from across the world are appreciating the framework for the development standards it creates. It is quite, highly documented and modular. It is also open source which means that the efficacy of web apps stands in perfect sync with the budget of the client.

So, if you still haven’t used CakePHP, then here are some of the compelling benefits of choosing it as your framework.

Big community

As a dedicated cakephp developer, you will find a lot of peers who use this framework. There are also several users and contributors who share this community which means you can enjoy knowledge sharing while using it. It is simple and easy too.

No configuration

As a developer, one of the big problems which you need to do deal with is configuration. Assembling all the files together and entering the long processes may sometimes be quite frustrating for you. So, what saves your life is a system of automatic configuration. And, CakePHP offers you that. Most of the features, elements and settings are assessed automatically and configured which saves your time to a great extent.


The developers are php app development company often company about monotonous and time consuming features of web development often called “coding”. But, CakePHP development saves you here too. It allows you to use prewritten code for your projects. So, you can spend your time on concentrating on the logical and innovative part of your web development while the tough job of coding is being taken care of. This is time saving and helps you handle the other projects too.

Used by big companies

A person gains trust in a framework depending on the past experience of the developers. So, the people who use the framework know a lot about it. But, when you talk about CakePHP, it is not limited to a particular scale. It is used by small as well as large companies. Thus, it has a strong element of trust in it. Also, when you know that big and large companies are using it, you are sure that the framework has lived up to the expectations of the developers and companies.

Open Source

Lastly, this fascinates a lot of dedicated cakePHP developers. Yes, the open framework is quite a boost. It means you don’t have to spend too much money in the development process. Thus, you can include dimensions of robustness and performance to your program, app or website.

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