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Comprehensive Guide To Jio Rockers


Often, people keep searching for platforms to download movies and web series for free. While there could be numerous results, one choice that you should consider is jio rockers. It allows you to download movies and web series from their website. Let us know more about the platform and what exactly it provides. 

What Is Jio Rockers?

What is Jio rockers?

Jio rockers is a website that allows you to download different types of movies and series online for free. One point you should make a note of is that the website provides pirated content. The website allows you to download movies in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, etc. 

Jio Rockers New Links in 2022

Many countries have banned access to pirated content. Downloading pirated content from the website would likely be prohibited in the country. Jio rockers Tamil website would not appear on a search engine directly if you search it. 

These websites are banned, and general users could find accessing them difficult. Hence, jio rockers use different links and domains to allow easy access. Below are the active links for accessing jio rockers for downloading movies for free: 

  • jiorockers.telegu 
  • jiorockers.uk 
  • jiorockers.link 
  • Jiorockers.tamil
  • Jiorockers.icu
  • Jiorockers.vip
  • Jiorockers.cc
  • Jiorockers.world
  • Jiorockers.site
  • Jiorockers.viz

Jio Rockers Movies Download 2022

Jio rockers Telugu permits users to download movies in various languages. The audio quality of every language is decent, and the movie quality is up to the mark. Unlike other movie downloading websites, the navigation on jio rockers website is relatively easy and user-friendly. The best part about this website is that it allows free download of movies of high quality. 

1. Jio Rockers Hindi Dubbed Movies Download

Jio rockers are known for the handy features it provides to their users. If you are looking to download movies on your device quickly, jio rockers offers a variety of Hindi dubbed movies that can be downloaded for free. 

2. Jio Rockers Hindi Dubbed Web series Download

One might wonder if the platform allows them to download web series or shows. As it turns out, jio rockers enable users to download Hindi dubbed web series in good quality. The dubbing of the series is accurate, and the content is enjoyable. 

3. Jio Rockers Telugu movie download 2022

Jio rockers Telugu movies platform has been gaining a lot of popularity. It is because it also provides the user to download movies in the Telugu language. Not all venues offer Telugu movies for free downloading. 

4. Leaked by Jio Rockers Telugu movie download

Many of the superhit movies and films have been leaked on jio rockers. These are pirated content, and you can download them for free from the website. The website has access to many leaked movies globally. Pirated content is prohibited in many countries; hence the website operates under different domains. 

How to Download Latest New Released Movies by jio rockers

1.  Visit the website of jio rockers Telugu movies download 

2. Search for the movie you want to download using the search option

3. Choose the size and the quality of the movie 

4. Click on the download button and wait until the download is finished.


Here is the list of categories for movies and series that are available on the jio rockers website:

1.  Hindi movies 

2. Hindi dubbed movies 

3. English movies 

4. Tamil and Telugu movies 

5. Tamil and Telugu dubbed movies 

6. Hollywood movies and series 

7. Kannada dubbed movies 

Movie Formats Available 

Below are the movie formats available in terms of sizes and resolutions on jio rockers:

  • 360p 
  • 480p 
  • 720p
  • 1080p 
  • HD movies
  • 300 MB
  • 900 MB
  • 1 GB 

Quality of movies offered by JioRockers

Jio rockers offers different quality movies available for download. The quality of the film can be standard, premium quality, high-definition quality, etc. You can instantly download any quality movie from jio rockers Kannada. 

Size Of The File Format Offered By Jio Rockers

The size of a movie you want to download can range from every movie. It is because the size of the film depends on the duration and quality of the movie. The primary size on jio rockers starts at 300 MB and can go up to 1 GB depending on the time and quality. 

Benefits Of Using Jio Rockers

  • Free download of movies 
  • High-quality films and web series 
  • Dubbed movies 
  • User-friendly website
  • Large variety 

Jio Rockers – Government’s Steps to Stop Piracy

As per the Indian Government’s laws and acts to stop piracy, one can be jailed for three years with hefty fines for filming a movie without the producer’s written consent. These filmed movies are leaked online, which facilitates more pirated content. 

Is It Legal or Illegal?

Is it legal or illegal?

As per the government’s laws, it is illegal to access pirated content. If you access pirated content, it might be considered illegal, and you might face copyright infringement cases. It is advisable not to use or engage with these websites for your safety. 

Is It Safe To Use?

Is it safe?

Many of the pirated websites could be unsafe to use. These websites contain harmful ads and malware that can brick or damage a device. It would be more helpful if one used the website with a VPN. 

Jio Rockers.com and Jiorockers. In Are The Same?

Pirated websites are often under the radar of the government. Once these websites are found, the government prohibits their use entirely. However, the pirated website’s owners run the websites under different names and domains to continue earning from the ads on their websites. Both of the websites would likely be the same. 

Alternatives Of Jio Rockers

Here is the list of all the alternatives to jio rockers. These websites are similar and provide pirated content for free downloads. 

  • DownloadHub
  • TamilRocker
  • Putlockers
  • Filmy4wap
  • 9XMovies
  • SdMoviesPoint
  • WorldFree4u
  • DownloadHub
  • Crazyworld
  • Dejmaja
  • 9xflix
  • Xmovies8

Jio Rockers Domain and Server Details 

Jio rockers operate under different domains with various servers to not get caught facilitating pirated content. Here is a list of all the websites’ domains run under the jio rockers domains. 

1.  Jio rockers.site

2. Jio rockers.com

3. Jio rockers.biz

4. jiorockers.fun

5. jiorockers.pro

6. Jiorockers.viz

7. Jiorockers.info

8. jiorockerss.vip


In a nutshell, you do get an option to download these movies for free online. Although pirated content is prohibited, it could be dangerous to access these websites. The ads on these websites could harm the device on which the website is being accessed.