Creative Writing And Narrative: Where Is The Connection?


Many students believe that creative writing and narrative are something really different. However, it isn’t true. They both describe the pieces of writing from various points of view.  The link between creative writing and narrative is much deeper than some might imagine.

What is narrative?

Simply put, it is writing when someone tells a story. This story can be fiction or fact, anyway, it is all about narratives. Obviously, you can’t write a great story without creative skills. Consequently, our attempts to show the contrast between narrative and creating writing don’t make a lot of sense, as creativity is essential to make your texts engaging and viral.

Narrative writing

There are four main types of writing: narrative, descriptive, expository, and persuasive. What do we mean when we are talking about narrative writing? Once again, it is telling a story. Narratives come in different forms: tales, essays, jokes, and even movies. For example, in a narrative essay, an author tells a story, usually about a personal experience and its importance.

The link between creativity and narrative writing

If we ask different people to describe the same events, they will do it in various ways. Some stories will be more interesting than others. Why does it happen? The secret is in creative thinking that makes some stories more unique and captivating. To succeed in writing, it is necessary to write in a way that is original and compelling to read.

Finally, creativity helps transform narratives into masterpieces. Thus, intriguing and inspiring narratives are impossible without top-level creative mastery. It is time to abandon the idea that some types of writing are creative and some aren’t. Whatever you write, you need to use your imagination and literary talent.