Dental Services to Consider for a Lasting Smile


Periodontics treatment often does not involve the tooth treatment directly, and it’s, therefore, a less crucial dental care. However, if you believe that periodontal health is not as important as dental health, it can lead to your perfectly healthy teeth falling out of your mouth because they will be lacking supporting tissues and bone. Here are some of the periodontal treatment services you can get from a dental provider like Central Texas Periodontics to maintain or repair your periodontal conditions.

Periodontics cleaning

Supposing you want to have a regular cleaning by a periodontal specialist, you can make an arrangement by talking to the specialist at the facilities. You will be informed if there is a recurrence of problems you might have had in the past, supposing you had a history of periodontal diseases or even advanced gingivitis.

Root scaling and planning

This treatment can be performed by a specialist in quadrants (1/4 of the mouth) or in sextants (a group of six teeth). It is designed for customers to remove the plaque and calculus found below the gum line, causing inflammation. When there is a significant buildup of plaque and tartar in a person’s gum, IT will become necessary because if they won’t be controlled or left unchecked, they may lead to bone loss and subsequently tooth loss. Further, a non-surgical method can also be used; under this method, your quadrant will be numb so that you feel some comfort as a specialist cleans deep areas around each tooth.

Periodontal Quadrant surgery

Supposing you have periodontal disease that is very widespread, it would be best to go for extensive treatment. Surgery will be recommended where your gums will be open to solve whatever problem you will be having. The facilities have experienced specialists who will ensure that you recover from periodontal health conditions.

Crown lengthening

If you have teeth that are not well-positioned in the mouth, you can go for a crown lengthening procedure. Under this procedure, the length of your teeth will be increased by re-positioning your gum and exposing some of your teeth. This procedure is critical for the success of a person’s crown when that person has a crown that has nothing to mount it onto. The healing process will last for a period of 15-21 days after the procedure.

Deep cleaning

When problems have advanced to a more severe stage, you will need to undergo a deep cleaning. Under this procedure, a specialist will scale deeper down the sides of your teeth. This process is essential because severe underlying problems can be discovered in good time and be treated early instead of treating the symptoms.

Dental implants

If you have missing teeth or are using dentures, you can go for an alternative dental implant solution. You can have a tooth under this implant solution, or several teeth replaced, or have your dentures supported. All on 4 dental implants are a permanent solution that replaces your teeth with just 4 implants. Implants are cylinders that are placed surgically on your upper or lower jaw; they will function as a sturdy anchor for the replaced teeth.