Designing Your Future In A Creative World


There have been dramatic shifts in the education sector in India over the past few years. Students nowadays have started deviating from Engineering, which was a hotcake until a few years ago. The focus has shifted to less opted for fields like designing and institutions such as the National Institute of Design (NID), Pearl Academy, etc., have been doing a commendable job in imparting quality design education.

Who Should Consider a Career in Design?

Designing is something that has a degree doesn’t guarantee you to be good in. It comes with practice and passion. That’s not to say that a degree isn’t important. Without a degree, you can be a great designer but your exposure will be limited, and exposure is at least 50% of what it takes to excel in the field. Also, technicalities of the likes of Automobile designing can only be learned by taking pearl academy admission 2020 or admission to other designing institutes.

You can join a Masters in Design after doing graduation in other fields as well. There are no boundaries as such.

Different Types of Designing

There are a plethora of fields you can wish to be a designer in. The major ones are listed below:

  • Graphics Designer: A graphic designer is someone who designs logos, business cards, packaging, etc. They use shapes, colors, and designs to depict their idea in a precise and eye-catchy fashion.
  • Animation Designer: An animation designer is someone who animates Computer Generated graphics or characters to be used in films, games, etc.
  • Video Game Designer: A video game designer works on designing video games. They can be storyboard creators, character designers, sculptors, etc.
  • Interior Designer: An interior designer designs the interiors of a building be it apartments or offices.
  • Industrial or Product designer: They create designs for products like watches, smartphones, laptops, etc. Automobile design is also sometimes included in Industrial design.
  • Fashion Designer: They design apparel, shoes, etc.
  • UI/UX designer: They design the interface of websites, applications, etc. for both desktop and mobile platforms.

Most design schools like Pearl Academy or NID, offer some or all of the specializations mentioned above. There are some specialized schools also that offer education in only one stream like NIFT, offering Fashion Design education only.

A factor that you should consider while choosing to take a degree in designing is fees. Designing is a practical subject with frequent industry expert visits and expensive equipment and software requirements. Therefore, the fees are on the higher side. For example, Pearl Academy fees are over Rs. 2.5 lakhs per semester for its undergraduate program, which is pretty high. Even the government-run designing institute NID has a fee of about Rs. 2.11 lakhs per year, which even though is lower than private institutions but is still higher than other undergraduate courses.

Admission Procedure

Various institutes conduct their own examinations like NID and pearl academy admission 2020.  You need to clear their Design aptitude test and interview and/or studio rounds to gain admission into their designing courses.

Job prospects

A career in design is a well-paying career. Salaries range from Rs.2-3 lakhs to Rs.24 lakhs per annum for freshers. Large companies like Google, Microsoft, Mercedes, etc., hire designers at lucrative pay packages. Designers can also open their own studios once they know the ins and outs of the industry. It has been observed that a lot of design students become entrepreneurs in the long run. The field you choose can also have an impact on the remuneration you get but only the sky is the limit in the end.

Concluding Remarks

Designing is a lucrative career choice. It allows you to set your creative horses free to design and make the world look the way you want it to. With the government announcing the opening of 14 new National Institutes of Design around the country, there are going to be more opportunities in the field than ever before. You can also take admission to top-tier private designing institutions like pearl academy admission 2020 or DYPDC, to get an undergraduate or a postgraduate degree in designing. Every field requires a designer. So, there doesn’t seem to be any dearth of designing jobs in the near future. If creativity is your passion, making a career in design is the best thing you can do for yourself.