Different Types Of Marked Cards


Poker is a game of fun, thrill and of course the fund. We all play poker to win money. Some players take it little forwards and want to win by hook or crook. One of the most popular modes of cheating in poker is marking the cards in a specific pattern. Once you know the cards in the hands of your opponents, you can easily turn the game in your favor. The marked cards are very easily available online.

If you want to be a serious poker player, you have to learn the art of identifying marked cards. It is more like another chapter in your poker playing learning lessons. Learn about it so that you could easily identify marked cards and outsmart your opponent.

Type of Marked Cards

The digitalization has made it very simple to design and manufacture marked cards. There are several types of accessories in the market that helps players in cheating while playing poker. Let us first understand what types of marked cards are prevalent these days. Poker experts believe that there are four major categories of marked cards:

  • Luminous Marked Cards

This kind of cards is manufactured in large scale using the luminous ink printers and special invisible inks. They use the science of electromagnetic response difference of different chemicals in designing the card. Cheaters use special devices like as infrared sunglasses and an x-ray dice camera scanner to read the card and process the invisible cues.

  • Barcode Cards

It is a bit old marking style as most of the bar code reader devices are banned in real-world poker. You have an option using the mobile analyzer, but you have to very lucky to not get caught by people. In any case, your winning hand pattern will make you suspicious enough to get caught.

  • Password Marked Cards

This is relatively tough to catch with a naked eye, as passwords are brand and lot-specific and you simply cannot judge the password patterns. The instruction and features are marked on the back of the card using signs and patterns to help identify the card. Some manufacturers use distinct patterns of dots and colors or finishing shadows to differentiate cards.

  • Manual Card Marking

This doesn’t come from the manufacturer, but marking is done on the poker table by expert players. They develop some unique skill of marking the card and remove them after the game. There is no end of tricks used by players, but an efficient system makes it sure that the marking of cards is caught and punished.

Now you know about the type of marked cards. It is better to buy some marked cards readers online from  https://www.markedplayingcards.com/and use them to detect any scrupulous activity. Above all you know the strength of the table and player, judge the mood and gesture of your opponent. This is the biggest asset you can have to be a successful poker player.