Do You Need An Aircon Service For Your Household?

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Owning an aircon can be essential to your daily life at home. It can reduce the humidity level inside your home, regulating the indoor temperature. Many homeowners still struggle to make decisions when it comes to paying for aircon service. Are you experiencing this type of problem? You might begin answering a few questions ahead to help you think through them.

Aircon Service Recommendation – What You Should Know

Deciding to install an aircon in Singapore for your home is much easier than getting an aircon service. Here are a few things you must ask yourself and know first if you really need an aircon servicing for your household:

Your cleaning requirement

You might be wondering if your aircon requires servicing, and the best way to determine this is how frequently you use your unit per week or month. How often do you turn on your air conditioning system versus how do you clean them? Do you clean them on your own? If you do use your AC unit almost everyday and not clean them after a few months of use, then an aircon service is a must for continuous use.

Your air conditioning unit might accumulate dust and dirt over time, and it can clog other components, such as the filter, causing it to decrease its airflow and performance. The importance of cleaning, at least every quarter, is unparalleled and is strongly advisable for aircon owners. Booking professional servicing for an aircon chemical wash in Singapore can provide an effective cleaning solution. An aircon specialist can conduct an inspection first to identify the issues at hand before cleaning.

You will be glad you made the right choice to extend the aircon unit’s lifecycle and improve its performance!

Not functioning well

It is one of the most common signs that your aircon needs serious servicing. If you are experiencing such a problem, there are various reasons why your aircon unit is not providing enough performance or working as it should. Your best bet to resolve the issue is to opt for an aircon service or take it from a local aircon specialist instead if you don’t know how to conduct troubleshooting.

You might never know if your unit warrants part replacements or is in need of serious chemical cleaning service until a specialist has checked and pinpointed the root problem. Air conditioning units may cost a fortune and be considered an investment. Opting for maintenance servicing (every once or twice a year) is the best possible solution to avoid arriving in situations where you will need to make costly repairs and replacements.

Water leakage

Do you see any leakage from your aircon while using it? Liquids should not leak and accumulate inside your home despite the condensation process inside the unit while it operates. When you see water leakage while using your air conditioning system, it may be a sign that your cooling system is not working and running properly as it should. Leak damage may seem harmless at first. But it also does structural damage to your home. The best possible course is to call for an aircon service specialist near your area for a check-up.

Unpleasant odour when using aircon

Are you smelling any unwanted and unpleasant odour from your AC system? If you smell something terrible coming from your aircon, you want to deal with it as soon as possible before it overwhelms your home!

The awful and musty smell from your HVAC system may come from accumulated water in the drip lines. It can also serve as a setting that promotes fungus growth. It can trigger allergic reactions. The most common solution is to clear and clean down the drain line of your unit. Opting for an aircon service specialist may provide a better solution for your aircon and prevent fungus and mildew growth.

Emitting unusual loud noise

Does your unit emit a sudden and unusual loud noise when you use them? Most air conditioning unit systems may make low-level noise when you open and use them. Sometimes they also do when you turn them off. However, if you hear sudden loud and unusual sounds, it can be a sign of a serious problem within your cooling system. Most abnormal sounds that may emit from your unit are often rattling and buzzing noises, and opting for an aircon gas top up in Singapore won’t do much.

If that is the case with what you are hearing from your HVAC unit, you might be dealing with a loose component. However, if the sound you hear from your unit is this loud and grinding sound, the problem could be much bigger. Therefore you should opt for an aircon service specialist for an inspection since noise problems won’t go away and fix themselves.

Buying Air Conditioning Unit – What You Should Know First


The air conditioning system is perhaps a growing essential—a must-have appliance for any type of household. If you are looking for the ideal type of unit before opting to install an aircon for your home, there are a number of few things you must consider first:

Know the right size

Size is a vital factor to keep in mind when you are purchasing one since it does affect the installation process. Keep in mind that larger units work better with large rooms, and portable aircon works well with a room with less space for installation.


Aircon brands mean a lot of things when it comes to being confident with what you plan to buy. Quality is one thing that buyers often look for always. Therefore it makes complete sense to choose a brand with a credible reputation and capable of producing high-quality HVAC units. One should also look for a warranty and service because you don’t want to deal with costly aircon service and repair.

Energy consumption

An air conditioning system demands power to run, especially if you plan to use them in your daily routine. Thus if you want to save more energy in the long run, you should check the aircon unit if it has ratings via green ticks. A higher tick means lower electricity consumption, and lower ones need more power to operate.

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