Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Sanitary Butterfly Valves


Sanitary butterfly valves are type of flow control devices which enable isolation or regulation of flow through a section of pipes. They are stainless steel valves with purity requirements and high precision for industries such as food and beverage, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals and beer brewing. Sanitary butterfly valves have a simple design thus easy to maintain and few parts are involved when servicing. When you are planning to start an application that requires low internal line pressure, consider looking for sanitary butterfly valves. In order to choose the right type for your industry, check on various factors to help you make the right choice.

You should consider the physical size of the valve.

The valves size is determined by the volume of content that will go through the system and the flow efficiency. The valves come in different sizes intended for different purposes. Depending with the type of project that you are planning to have the valves installed for, choose the size that will fit the pipping system. This will enhance the system flexibility thus making the water, industrial and chemical fluids in your plant to flow consistently and efficiently.

Check on the design of the butterfly valves.

Before making a purchase, consider looking from various manufacturers the different designs they have and make a comparison. There are two main designs which include, water design and lug design. Choose a simple design that consists of fewer parts that will be easily maintained. With the lesser parts it will cost you less when you need to repair it. Also, choose a design that can be installed easily without costing you much money.

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Ensure you check on the quality.

The quality of the valves will depend on the manufacturer you purchase from. The sanitary butterfly valves you choose should have a long-lasting period. Before you make a decision on buying a particular butterfly valve, look for various types from various valves manufacturers to have a look at the level of quality. Settle on the valves that are of high quality, this will have your system function for a long period of time without having to replace the sanitary butterfly valves. The higher the quality of the butterfly valves, the more it will serve your needs appropriately and in an effective way without breakdowns in the long run.

You should consider the cost.

When planning to buy sanitary butterfly valves ensure you understand how much you will be required to pay. Therefore, request for quotes from a number of manufacturers and make a comparison to get the best choice. You can also research from the websites how various companies are selling their butterfly valves. When making a decision consider the valve which has a high quality, well-functioning and you can afford it Some butterfly valves are expensive are do not give a good working experience and never last longer. Ensure you consider the costs of its installation and maintenance to avoid getting into financial constraints during the operation of your project.

Look on the ease of operation.

During your sanitary butterfly valves search, choose the valves that are easy to operate. With easy operation of the valves few operators will be required in the operation of your plant. This because, the valves require less turns to open and close. You will therefore be in a position to save more money as you will need only few people to be in the system room to have the little work done.

Check on the material used.

Sanitary butterfly valves are made of a variety of materials which include metallic or non -metallic material. When you are choosing the valves material you should consider the maintenance, pressure, the content and the environment of operation. For butterfly valves the stainless-steel material is more valuable since it resist both high temperatures and corrosion. Therefore, select the material that can survive the project that you want to undertake in your industry. This will enable your system to last for long with getting damaged and thus saving you the repair costs.

You should consider the media to flow in the system.

The media is the material that is flowing in the system. When selecting the sanitary butterfly valves ensure you are aware of what will be going through the system. They include gas, solid and liquid materials. In case your plant system involves gas materials the valves should be sealed tightly to avoid escape of gases. In the liquid plant system use the butterfly valves use the tight seals to prevent leakages. When you are dealing with solid materials, you should consider material that will not have premature wearing out. If you are not sure which are the right sanitary butterfly valves for your case, consult from a professional technician or the representatives from the manufacturing company.

It is essential to know about the maintenance.

Before you make a purchase of any specific sanitary valves, you should know the maintenance tips. This include, hiring the best technicians in the installation process, having knowledge when the valves need repair and when you should replace the old with new valves. When the butterfly valves are properly installed you will be required to clean them less often. Also, they will not have to fail during system operation. You can ask the manufacturer for the best installers and consult how you should maintain the valves once they have been put them in place.

It is imperative to consider the suppliers support.

A good butterfly valves supplier will ensure they respond to your questions on time in case you have encountered system problems. When you call them to check on the valves, how long they take to reach there matters. So be sure you are purchasing the valves from the right manufacturer by checking reviews from their customers. This will help you to know how they handle emergencies, complaints and how long they take to deliver the sanitary butterfly valves to your plant for installation.

To make sure you secure the right sanitary butterfly valves for your plant it is important that you do a thorough research. Consult from the professionals and ensure you get the knowledge on how to handle the equipment without difficulties. This will ensure your butterflies valves are serving their purpose without any breakdown.