First Date Do’s and Don’ts


We all know that the major principle behind dating is to meet someone who you can be possibly spending the rest of your life. Sometimes, a first date ends up in a mess and you will find yourself being kicked in the butt. It is possible to make mistakes but does not let it take the fun. Utilize the time you spend on free dating sites and have fun. Let us point out some reminders for you when dating out for the first time.

First Date Do’s:

  • Do your best to look good. Impress your date with your clean and presentable self. So to start with, dress comfortably and appropriately. Moreover, you might want to smell good, too. It will earn you some extra points.
  • Check the background of your dating partner. It will not hurt to know more information about her. In this way, you can avoid dull and uncomfortable moments. You can initiate to talk about things during your date if you know the topics beforehand. You might want to check if she has any police record, but that is your option.
  • Be interested in her and with what she is saying to you. You must be listening attentively to what she is talking about. Likewise, let her know the things you like, the activities you do, the movies you watch, the books you read, and other stuff you enjoy. Make it a point that you are in eye contact with her. Looking somewhere else will give her the impression that you are getting bored.
  • Be grateful for your date. Thank her for the time she has spent with you. Tell her how much you enjoyed her company and that you are looking forward to your next outing. In case you two did not hit it off, at least thank her and offer a ride home.

First Date Don’ts

  • Punctuality is important so do not be late with your date. Being late is not a nice thing to do for it shows disrespectfulness. Prepare for all the necessary things ahead in time so you can get the most out of your outing. Having extra time will also help you get to know her better.
  • Avoid talking about things that can make you or your date uncomfortable. Stay away from topics such as past relationships, breakup histories, money, and business. You are supposed to be having fun and not having a psychoanalysis session. Your date is not supposed to be a shock absorber, alright?
  • Nervousness is not an excuse. It is true that you might feel uneasy at first but do not cultivate it. Instead, break the ice. Help your date to feel comfortable with you. You may try to comment on something that you find desirable about her. Enjoy the time that you are spending with each other.
  • Do not pretend to be somebody that you are not. In short, be yourself. Impress her with your personality and not with somebody else’s.

Have fun with your first date on You may never know if something hit you between the eyes. She might even be the ONE you have been looking for a long time!