Get Free Essentials with Masterbuilt Gravity Series This Black Friday from Bbqs 2u


BBQs 2u are proud sellers of many charcoal grilling appliances as their passion keeps the ancient cooking form alive in many homes in the UK. With high-quality Napoleon barbeques and MasterBuilt range of grillers, so many functions can be achieved with the purchase of just one large griller and a couple of small accessories.

BBQs 2u hold time to time sales to give freebies to their customers who make a purchase of a griller, BBQ, or pizza oven from their website. Being authorized to sell the latest grilling technology in the UK market, they have become a leader in the niche retail market and have formed quite a loyal customer base. 

Along with the appliances, BBQs 2u also sell accessories, spice mixes, and rubs that can make cooking with the grill even more fun and of course, smoky delicious. The Napoleon BBQs that they sell in their stores are harboring the technology for 38 years and have continuously evolved in their craftsmanship as well as engineering aspects. 

Their motto is to keep customer satisfaction and happiness at the forefront which is why both the brand Napoleon and the seller BBQs 2u provide amazing customer service for all kinds of queries even if it has been a decade since the purchase was made. 

The engineering technology from Canada brings easy maintenance, weatherproof, and long-lasting barbeque grills so that home chefs can have an easy time making and serving great-tasting roasts and grills every single time.  The versatility of Napoleon products makes them usable to even make baked cakes, pizza, sausages, and burgers apart from roast dinners in one single appliance. 

Napoleon brand has patented technology in their barbeques and has evolved from the basic charcoal-driven BBQ to gas barbeques and infra-red grilling as well. What started as a small wood stove in the back garage, is now an ISO registered as a company selling cutting-edge technology worldwide. 

The Masterbuilt gravity series is yet another innovation that promotes the art of grilling and is popularly sold by BBQs 2u at their stores. Taking benefit of MasterBuilt 560 Black Friday discounts can make this appliance affordable for many. 

MasterBuilt is meant to provide prolonged cooking hours and an easy temperature control system with a digital control panel. While gas barbeques are preferred for their convenience and comfort, nothing can beat the flavor of traditional charcoal cooking. This is what the MasterBuilt series is made to achieve, providing flavor, comfort, and control all at once. 

Ordering a website can also provide the customers with gifts such as a MasterBuilt cover, 12 kg of high-grade lump wood charcoal, wood chunks, and natural firelighters. The grill reaches high temperatures very fast, in less than 15 minutes after which the smoke, as well as the temperature, can be controlled for even cooking.

There is a built-in gauge with a thermometer to measure meat temperature so that no one ever has to eat under or overcooked meat. MasterBuilt has redefined the grilling technology with its MasterBuilt app making the outdoor grill a very smart device.