Go Mad-Shopping Week is here”- Shop dresses for your kids under Rs899 with EORS!


Today, even before a couple welcomes their child into the world, they have to get everything prepared so that the child doesn’t feel any distress. Setting up the wardrobe is the first thing that parents do before their baby comes into the world. If you too are awaiting the arrival of your child or you already have a little one growing up, you must buy baby girl dresses for her. 

Baby girl dresses are the first things to buy when setting up your daughter’s wardrobe. The biggest blessing of having a daughter is that you get to dress her in amazing clothes and accessories, which is why dresses should be a major part of her wardrobe. 

Add a fresh touch of fashion to your daughter’s wardrobe by buying her the best baby girl dresses that you will find only on Myntra. You can scroll through the website or the shopping app and find the best dresses available in amazing colours, prints and sizes. Before you buy dresses for your girl, let’s check out the amazing collection that Myntra has in store for you. 

  • Princess dresses: Celebrate your daughter’s first birthday by slipping her into a colourful princess dress. If you are throwing a Barbie or a unicorn theme party for your little one, a cute little princess dress with shimmer and frills will look perfect on her. You can match the outfit with frill socks and colourful shoes.
  • Flare dresses: Little girls always look cute in flared dresses. If your baby girl gets invited to birthday parties of her friends and you have other festivities coming up, a flared tutu dress will look perfect on your munchkin. You can opt for bright colours such as red and yellow or even go for pastel colours such as pink and lilac to spruce up the look.
  • A-line dresses: A-line dresses are a must-have in your daughter’s wardrobe. You can buy your little one a printed A-line dress with puffy sleeves. You can go for offbeat prints such as cartoons or even fruits and vegetables. These dresses can be worn by your daughter on a regular basis. 
  • Sweaters: A couple of sweaters are a must-buy for your little girl because you want to keep her warm and cosy when the temperature starts dipping. From Christmas-themed sweaters to cartoon-printed ones to solid ones with pearly buttons, you can shop from a range of sweaters that can be paired with jeans. You can even twin with your daughter in matching sweaters.
  • Sheath dresses: A fitted knee-length dress will be a perfect stunner for your growing daughter. You can shop them in amazing prints such as stripes, geometrical patterns, sequins, ruffles and even tassels. You can experiment with her style by making her pair a spaghetti-strapped sheath dress with a solid full-sleeveless T-shirt underneath.

With such amazing baby girl dresses available online, you can shop a number of them for your little one. Whether it is her birthday or a party or a festive occasion, let your little munchkin put her best foot forward and be a total stunner.