Great Flea Market Finds in San Antonio


When it comes to shopping there are so many different adventures that you can go on. One that many truly love is going to flea markets. There are literally hundreds of items that you can find from different merchants.

The other part of the fun is when you get to haggle. Haggling is the name of the game when you are looking to get the best price for an item when you are at a flea market. Many get a rush simply from the haggling with merchants.

Be Prepared

If you decide to make a day of going to flea markets its always good to be ready for anything.

Good walking shoes- Save your feet. You don’t want to end up with sores. Avoid wearing sandals or flip flops, some areas are covered in a lot of dirt and that can get uncomfortable.

Shopping Bag- This is very handy. For one, carrying all your finds in, but, also keeping a bottle of water with you. Its always good to stay hydrated while flea marketing.

Comfortable clothes- Check the local weather. For San Antonio, you never know when a storm might blow through. Carry a light jacket with you. One you can tie around your waist works great.

Cash- They say its a good idea to carry cash since many of the merchants only deal in cash, however, there are those rare ones that do have their own little credit card swipe device. Plus, if you forget, you can always find an ATM on the property. Most have them these days. But, remember you may have to pay a fee for the cash you get.

What Can You Find?

Flea markets can be overwhelming. Especially if you don’t have anything in particular that you are looking for. When you go shopping at the San Antonio flea market, you are going to find so many things, you won’t know where to even begin.

Fresh fruits and vegetables- Oh this is one of the best parts of going to the flea market, getting fresh fruit or vegetables. Most merchants have better prices than you will find in your local supermarket. And to top it off, they probably picked them that morning.

Jewelry & Accessories- This is always fun, seeing what people have created. Many sell handmade jewelry that they have created with rare stones, gems or even what are known as healing stones. You can also fine belts and purses that have been hand made as well.

When it comes to the San Antonio flea Market the choices are endless. As you wander through the different stalls, you will come across those selling antique items, food concessions, clothing, furniture even tools.

It is just fun to even walk around first to see what is available. If you have your eye on something but know that you saw something similar at another booth. Either walk back to the other booth with that similar item or start the haggling process. A lot of times, the merchant will be willing to match the price just to get the sale.

If you know that you have specific items that you are looking to get, you can go online to check to price on something similar or that particular item. This will give you wiggle room to haggle for better pricing. Sometimes, if you tell them you found the same item for a couple of dollars less, the merchants will work with you on this as well.

The biggest part, while you are visiting San Antonio and shopping have fun! Enjoy what you see and the great deals that you can get.