Groom Guide- Things to buy for your Big Day!



When it comes to the big day, the bride bears the brunt of the stress. Choosing the ideal gown, arranging the décor, and keeping the bridesmaids happy can all become full-time jobs in and of themselves. What about the groom, though? It’s his big day, too, and the days running up to the wedding will undoubtedly be hectic. If the groom does not prepare properly, he may have some issues with his future bride. Whether the groom was significantly involved in the planning or will be entirely surprised on the wedding day, he must prepare items like a bandanna on his list to ensure that the day runs smoothly and that any needless stress is avoided.

  • Wedding suit — This may seem obvious, but do you think it’s that unlikely that you’ll leave your suit in the back of someone’s car after the rehearsal dinner? Things have gotten a lot worse. Put your suit and accessories (shoes, socks, and tie) together and place them near the entrance, so you don’t forget. You can wear a traditional suit or a tuxedo; the choice is yours, but don’t forget to try it on before the big day.
  • Cufflinks — People are paying attention to detail when it comes to measuring up the bride and groom on their wedding day, believe it or not. Everyone is curious about your outfit, right down to your socks and cufflinks. So don’t let them down, and make sure you don’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to your wedding day look. The “something new” tradition for men is frequently a new pair of cufflinks. These accessories are a terrific way to add a little flair to your suit in addition to securing your shirt cuffs. You can use standard gold or silver but add a pop of colour, such as black, blue, or any hue that fits the wedding’s colour scheme. In addition, your initials or a phrase can be monogrammed on cufflinks.
  • Bandanna – Want to give your wedding suit a new look? Get a classy red velvet bandanna to pair with your sherwani, or wear it over your collar. If the colour and design of the bandanna complement your suit colour the best, you are definitely going to look more confident and the most incredible groom ever. 
  • Luxury Wristwatch — Even though we all have small computers in our pockets that tell us the time, weather, local news, and whatever else we want in the year 2020, having a lovely wristwatch is still necessary. For a few hundred dollars, you may easily purchase an economical yet formal-looking watch or go all out and buy yourself a luxury watch.
  • Footwear — Formal footwear for men might be intimidating. There are numerous styles to pick from, and they are no longer limited to simple black shoes. Weddings, parties, and job interviews are just a few of the occasions where formal dress shoes will be worn. Investing in a good pair of shoes for your wedding will only benefit you in the long run.