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Far back when clinics and hospitals were not available to everyone, herbs were natural alternative supplements used for medication. In fact, some imported herbs are sometimes less potent when compared with herbs that are grown personally because imported herbs may have tampered with natural and/or unnatural contaminants. However, you don’t need a large plot of land before growing fresh herbs that are beneficial for one’s health and even as flavors to meals. Also, to be assured of the freshness of herbs is another core reason one should inculcate the practice of nursery planter for herbs. Fresh herbs can be grown in a nursery planter and placed in the backyard, patio, or even in a window box inside a kitchen.

Pots as small as 10 inches in diameter can be used for a single herb nursery planter and a minimum of 15 inches in diameter when one intends to grow multiple varieties of herbs. It is crucial that you first study and understand the type of herb you want to grow. Herbs that are uncontrollable growers should be considered grown in pots and buried in the ground so that their roots can find maximum expression. While you might want to grow different herbs in the same nursery planter, remember to mix plants with similar growing requirements. You can as well grow different varieties of herbs in other containers where each nursery planter contains a single type of herb.  

The location of your nursery planter is essential. While a sunny area is recommended as herbs need much sun for optimal growth, a partial shade will do. Generally, exposing your herbs to four to seven hours of direct sunlight daily is a great a good practice. 

When it comes to fertilizing herbs, apply sparingly because much use of fertilizers will only produce large plants, but the flavors, aroma, and other essentials will be diminished. Also, position your nursery planter close to a water source because containers dry out faster than ground plants. Finally, drainage is essential for growing fresh herbs; ensure that your nursery planter has at least one hole. 

Not only can gardening be a fun and creative hobby, even though it is a terrific one, but it also enhances hand-eye coordination and motor skills. In addition, having your herb garden in a nursery planter is such an economic advantage that it adds tremendous benefits compared to the pricey little herbs sold at the market.