Here’s a Starter Kit for First Time Virtual Event Planners


Do you have plans on hosting your first virtual conference in Singapore anytime soon? Well, you better start planning for it now if you want it to become one of the most talked-about events in the region today. It may only be challenging if you’re clueless on where you should begin as a newbie for such digital gatherings.

Better seek advice from your close peers as they have some tips to share for your first virtual conference soon. Share with them your plan and ask for their recommendations on how you can further improve it to ensure the success of your online celebration. You may never know; some of them are the people behind the most sought-after digital parties today.

It will also help if you consult your colleagues if your online gathering is for your workplace. Listen to their suggestions as they may also be familiar with similar digital events in the region. Confirm if your initial plan is the best option to take, or should you also try organizing a virtual exhibition in Singapore to invite some of your long-time clients to join you virtually.

Never forget about your online resources that will tell you more about the ups and downs of virtual conference or exhibition planning. These include review sites, web articles, and testimonials published by planners to help first-timers like you. Read through their experiences as they may also give you some pointers on the things you should avoid for your upcoming gathering.

Another option would be to continue reading through this article to learn the basics of virtual conference planning in Singapore. Begin with the common mistakes you may encounter as a beginner in the events industry. Choose to inform yourself about these slips and blunders before sending out your first set of e-invites to your online guests.


Common Mistakes of Newbie Planners

As mentioned, it would be great if you start with the usual errors encountered by first-time organizers like you. These may include common flaws you’re already aware of that you might also come across while planning for your first virtual conference in Singapore. Here are some of them that will help you move forward with your digital hosting plans:


Missing Deliverables

One of the most common mistakes of inexperienced planners is their unfamiliarity with the different deliverables needed for their events. These involve essential items for the actual set-up, program proper, and other necessities to ensure the flawless run of any digital gathering. You may be one of them that might also forget some crucial elements for your nearing virtual conference.

Always make it a habit to start your plan with a detailed list of your essential requirements. You must consider and include elements that will aid you from the pre-planning phase until your online get-together ends. It may also help if you use an event management system to give you an overview of the different aspects you need to prepare for your digital gathering soon.

Last-Minute Changes

There are some instances that your carefully drafted event management plan may not go along with your initial outline. That’s when you either change some of its details or scrap the whole proposal in an instant. What makes it worse is that you’re at your crunch time, and your guests are already expecting something from your digital gathering.

These challenges are common among starters that never anticipate these last-minute developments. You may be one of them that might also have no plans for any unexpected changes at your nearing virtual conference in Singapore. Better prepare your alternative options if your initial choices don’t go according to plan.

Unforeseen Spending

Another unanticipated dilemma of any first-time virtual event organizer is their unforeseen spending and expenditures. You may again encounter such issues due to your cluelessness on where you should allocate your funds accordingly. You might also suffer from these unwanted losses if you’re a “happy-go-lucky” planner to begin with.

Never be taken by surprise with the amount you need to settle days after hosting your virtual conference in Singapore. It will help if you first set your overall budget before starting with any item on your drafted plan. You should also identify your expected expenses and somehow stick with them until you end your digital gathering.

No Returns

It would also be great to consider your return on investment or ROI while planning your virtual conference. These may involve the total number of your online attendees, sales turnout, or subscription sign-ups after your digital get-together. You can even measure it through the positive feedback you’re getting after hosting a successful web celebration.

Always regard your possible ROIs while planning for any online gathering. Apart from providing you with information about your gains or profits, they also give you insights on how you can further improve your event management system for your future virtual affairs. You may never know; you might become one of the most in-demand digital organizers among your peers.

DIY Planning

Nonetheless, avoid doing everything on your own if you’re only starting and unaware of the things you need to consider for your first-ever event management plan. You may either ask help from your friends or workmates familiar with the fundamentals of events planning. You can also seek assistance from professionals to ensure the success of your online gathering.

But if you choose to still do it by yourself, you should be ready for the following must-have of your first digital get-together. You may again be familiar with some, but a refresher will still benefit newcomers like you. Better continue reading through as you might turn your simple web convention into a well-liked virtual exhibition in Singapore soon.


Must-Haves in Your First Digital Gathering

There are numerous factors to consider if you want your first virtual conference in Singapore to be successful. It may overwhelm you at first, but you can focus more on the essential ones as you plan for your upcoming digital get-together. Here are some of them that will help you get through your DIY online events hosting soon:


Overall Theme

Begin with the most fundamental element needed for your much-anticipated virtual happening – your event theme. These may range from straightforward sit-down conferences to activity-filled conventions that will excite all your online guests. You can even incorporate both to have an informative and engaging gathering at the same time.

It will also help to identify your end goals to pick the perfect theme for your digital get-together. These may involve personal or business-related ones depending on the reasons why you decide to host it virtually. You can also rely on your event management system to determine the objectives and perfect theme for your online gathering.

Essential Must-Have! Choose a trendy theme that will catch the attention of your target attendees immediately. You can either do your research or ask around to learn more about the latest craze today. Besides, wouldn’t it be great if you get to hook them with your appealing virtual event concept in an instant before they even confirm their attendance soon?

Detailed Programme

Now that you have a workable theme in mind, you can start drafting the programme flow of your forthcoming virtual conference in Singapore. These should include details on the specific events you want to happen throughout your digital gathering. It must also be in line with your overall concept to not confuse the attending online guests.

It is advisable that you somehow stick with the staple elements included in most virtual event programme outlines nowadays. Start with your opening remarks, followed by your presentations, and end it with a message of what your guests should look out for in the future. You may also include talks and speeches since you’re hosting an online convention.

Essential Must-Have! Include a detailed timing on each of these segments to know what time you should expect your virtual conference in Singapore to end. It will also determine your e-invite details for the reference of your target invitees. Stick with your initial schedule as much as possible to prevent any negative feedback from your online guests.

Unique Highlights

It is also essential that your attendees have something to look forward to in your virtual event. These may come in the form of surprise guests, rewarding online games, and digital raffle draws that can win them prizes straight from their comforts. You can even give out exclusive incentives to those who finish your web-based occasion until the end.

It would also be great to explore hybrid event technologies in Singapore that let you simulcast your live gathering online. You no longer need to limit yourself to activities accessible only through your web browsers since these advancements allow you to stream real-life performances that your digital audience may also enjoy.

Essential Must-Have! Apart from your online essentials, you should also consider different elements needed for the simultaneous broadcast of your hybrid event. These include your physical set-up, streaming devices, and reliable network connection to ensure your seamless digital show. It may cost you more, but it might leave your convention attendees in awe.

Accessible Platform

Another critical element to consider in your digital gathering is its accessibility to everyone. You can either use readily available solutions or look for an event management system to help you transmit your online show flawlessly. Choose one that can guarantee your presence in multiple platforms to increase your market reach and profitability.

Always aim for a multi-platform stream if you want a successful virtual conference. Best if you can host it on everyday devices like mobile phones, tablets, and laptop units for the convenience of your online audience. Assure your attendees also of hassle-free access without requiring them to purchase or download anything on their devices.

Essential Must-Have! Search for systems known for their efficiency to host any virtual conference or exhibition in Singapore in all electronic gadgets. Get to choose the most suitable one based on your specific preferences and device requirements. Nevertheless, pick a solution that will guarantee your uninterrupted transmission at any time.

Reliable Partners

Most importantly, look for reliable virtual event partners to ensure your memorable online gathering soon. These include your third-party suppliers, web designers, and streaming providers that will help you execute your plans efficiently. You may also explore hiring other contractors if you’ll benefit from them in the long run.

Some instances may also require you to partner with an experienced team with an exclusive event management system if you want a worry-free digital get-together hosting. You may either work together with them or let them plan for your upcoming online gathering from the start. Either way, always seek their assistance if you no longer want to bother yourself planning for it.

Essential Must-Have! Confirm their efficiency through their previous virtual event projects and clients. You can ask for their portfolio and gauge whether their team can provide your much-needed essentials or not. Never forget to verify their legitimacy as a service provider in the region before sealing any deal with them.


Tips Before Sealing the Online Partnership Deal

Are you now planning to partner with a professional virtual conference organizer in Singapore? Well, you can always choose to depend on them if you only want to ensure the success of your upcoming digital gathering. You may only need to consider the following tips to find one that can guarantee the memorable time of your online audience soon:


  • Ask around your peers and colleagues that may have worked with experienced virtual event planners before. Always take note of their experiences and use them to hire one that can supply your needs. Better yet, consider working with their go-to supplier if you get to see their satisfaction and fulfilment over them.
  • Create your initial plan on how you envision your virtual conference in Singapore will look. Try listing down your must-have elements and deliverables you think will entice your target attendees from signing up. You should also include the message you want to share with them as soon as they confirm their attendance at your digital get-together.
  • Always choose to work with a reputable event management team known for their professionalism in the industry like Evention Singapore. Apart from ensuring your successful online gathering, they also cater to hybrid event solutions in Singapore that will also leave your audience in awe with your back-to-back live and digital streams!

Visit Evention Singapore now to learn more about how you can start working with their experienced planners soon!