How Can A Rugged Tablet Improve Your Workflow Efficiency?



Everything seems easier to do if you have a technology that can help you. Instead of doing a manual listing of all inventories, you can now use a handheld computer or tablet to do the job for you. Aside from its convenience, it also helps to boost employee productivity.

One of the manufacturers of these innovations is Zebra technologies in Singapore. However, the benefit of rugged enterprise-grade tablets is distinctive to each firm, as these gadgets get customised for specific individuals and particular application instances.

If you want to know more about what a Zebra tablet is and why it’s worth the investment, here’s a guide that you can use.

Reasons Why A Zebra Tablet Is A Must To Run A Business


A Zebra tablet has weatherproof, adjustable, and touch-sensitive displays, making them easy to use in any weather. If they become soiled or dirty, they may be scrubbed or washed under clean water without damaging the screen or any internal components.

Overall, a handheld tablet or computer’s robust and thoughtfully designed components make them far more reliable than the average technologies.

Round the clock efficiency

From their original designs, rugged industrial devices like a Zebra tablet can endure harsh conditions, especially extreme heat and cold. Instead of using a commercial handheld computer or tablet, you can ensure that your device will last you longer.

They can keep people productive regardless of the weather or the task. It is possible to use rugged tablets while working on various tasks like doing inventory, checking employees, and monitoring workflow without fear of harm from the intense use.

Although they look like your typical tablet, this device is advanced and specifically made for long and repetitive tasks that you can use while walking or standing.

By combining the portability of a smartphone with the more prominent display and higher faster processors, tablets allow mobile workers to access documents, native apps, and other enterprise systems just as effortlessly as if they were working at their workstations.

Long-lasting battery

Compared to the average tablet that often becomes a low battery when used for too long, a Zebra tablet features extra batteries enabling it to run for a whole day. You can use them in high-performance task programs that increase productivity in the workplace.

If you run out of power, you can easily replace them while working. Changing and bringing extra sets will be beneficial.


There is much more to finding a good tablet than its physical size. There are still employees today that use computers located in specific areas. It is where they often work and spend long hours typing instead of being productive in different tasks.

A Zebra tablet in Singapore has a detachable keyboard that they can use to access and type data even when they are in a remote location. Processes become more accessible since manufacturers base the user interface on the company’s preference.

A rugged tablet is also an RFID reader and barcode scanner that features various outlets such as HDMI. You may also consider investing in a barcode printer in Singapore if you need receipts and hardcopy data of your transactions.

You will feel more at ease knowing that your handheld computer or tablet protects your company files, especially since you can bring them anywhere.

Environmentally friendly

Consumer demand for environmentally friendly products rises as more people prefer to use items made with careful planning and consideration.

Given the shorter consumer electronics lifecycle, which may only last one or two years with heavy use, businesses benefit from a lower carbon footprint like a Zebra tablet that uses long-lasting corporate equipment.

It’s beneficial to choose equipment that you can quickly recondition or recycle when you need to replace them.

How To Choose The Best Rugged Tablet


There’s no better tablet than a rugged tablet in professional environments. In the case of choosing a new rugged tablet, it’s crucial to ensure that the device meets all of your requirements. Determine what characteristics are most relevant to your needs.

Here are five guidelines to assist you in selecting a good tablet for your company’s needs.

Make a cost comparison

You should always take the tablet price into account concerning your budget. Avoid spending too much money on a gadget that won’t benefit you long-term. To get the best value, seek a handheld computer or tablet that offers all the functions you require at a reasonable price point.

Try the features

Choose a tablet with features that you can see yourself utilising in the future, keeping in mind your current and expected daily routines. Zebra technologies in Singapore have rugged tablets with sturdy frames that can withstand drops and is highly resistant to dust and water.

Check specs

It’s essential to understand the difference between specifications and features since specifications fall under the same function as the core operating system. Like buying a barcode printer in Singapore, speed is one of the essential measures you should check for quality.

If something goes wrong and your gadget fails, you’ll need a high-quality CPU to ensure correct data entry and recovery. Consider the operating system before purchasing a tablet.

Know the software adaptability

Tablets are popular for a wide range of reasons and applications. Make sure you choose a handheld computer or tablet. It’s essential to have an all-in-one gadget that doesn’t underperform or freeze up when you need it. There are a variety of native apps that employees can use if they have the necessary devices.

Ask about warranty

There are many eager people to get the newest technology but fail to evaluate the value of acquiring extended or minimal warranties. Make sure you buy from the right brand like Zebra technologies in Singapore, which can assure you if your gadget is troubleshooting.

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