How Does Car Accident Settlement Happen In San Diego, California?


Car accidents can cause damage to millions of dollars. Therefore, it is important to have a knowledgeable lawyer by your side. Hiring an experienced 18-wheeler crash attorney California would help in resolving the car accident settlement in the right manner. In case you or your loved one injured is in an accident, the motorcycle crash injury attorney California would help you to obtain fair compensation for your accident injury claims.

Process of Car Accident Settlement

To resolve the matter quickly as well as cost-effectively, the car insurance companies offer a low-ball settlement after receiving the car insurance claim receipt. However, if you hire an experienced car wreck injury attorney California, the insurance company would likely adjust its approach. The insurance agents know that the attorney would not sign off on a low-ball deal. You might need to wait a little longer. However, the attorney would help you get a higher settlement. The mechanics of car accident settlements include


  • Demand Letter


The car accident demand letter is the letter that has all the facts of the accident as well as details of medical treatment. This letter is presented to the insurance company with the purpose of the claim. The initial amount demanded is higher than the amount of settlement so that there is a room of negotiation.

  • Mediations & Negotiations

Generally, the insurance companies provide low-ball offer ins response to the demand letter that gives room to negotiate. This is the major reason why lawyers advise clients not to accept the first offer from insurance companies. Instead of declining the offer, it is advised to reiterating the case strength and making counter-demand that is higher than the initial offer of the insurance company but lower than your initial demand. This would continue until you and the insurance company reach an acceptable settlement amount. 

  • Acceptance & Settlement

When an insurance company provides an acceptable settlement offer, ensure you get that in writing. Check the offer and ensure that it covers the necessary future medical treatment, and you get a reasonable amount after deducting the fees of the attorney. 

After accepting the offer of the insurance company, you would need to sign a “release” that prevents you from making other accident-related claims. If there is an active case in the court system, you would have to discontinue that case after reaching the final settlement. After signing the release, the insurance company would send you the cheque. 

If you opt for a quick settlement, you might get fast cash, but there are chances that you might not get the fair compensation. The more serious injuries, the more seriously you need to make the claim settlement process. Once you accept the deal, it is not possible to go back or ask for more money. Therefore, taking the help of an attorney is the best solution. If you wish to hire a dependable and reputed law firm, Nakase Law Firm is the best choice. They possess experience of years. You can hand over the stress of insurance claims to them and focus on your recovery.