How human beings are major contributors of Global warming


The earth has an elegant cycle of life. It’s the story of carbon. It starts with a plant where plant organisms absorb carbon dioxide then they use energy from the sun to convert that carbon dioxide to oxygen and sugar which they use to grow. And as they grow, they release some Carbon (IV) Oxide into the atmosphere but all plants at last die and some are consumed by bacteria and others by larger beasts. These animals eat plat for energy and they breath out carbon. But in reality, all living things die and decay and they end up in the ground. Meanwhile, a similar thing happens in the ocean.

Coral and plankton need carbon in the water for survival. Luckily, the ocean has carbon because it absorbs one from the atmosphere and when the rainfalls from to the earth, it grabs some carbon form the atmosphere and the rocks then, the water flows into the ocean where the coral and plankton are and they are in need of carbon to grow.  In short, all living things die and they are all made of carbon. Some of the carbon will get to atmosphere but some of it stays in the ground.

Usually, dead things decay and turn into rocks. Due to high temperature underground, the rocks melt and emit the carbon which is underground. Overtime, the carbon escapes into the atmosphere when the volcanos erupt. But in other occasions, dead things turn into fossil fuel, coal or natural gas. This carbon gets stack in the ground. Carbon stabilizes the normal temperature in the earth until recently human beings started digging in the ground in search of oil, coal or natural gas. They used lots of carbon and released it to the atmosphere in such a short time of period.  The cycle was disrupted. The heat that normally escapes would bounce back and stayed on earth surface and earth started to get warmer and warmer.  This leads to global warming.

The scientists had to research on how to reduce global warming and one of the suggestions was to grow more trees, stop cutting down trees or trap the carbon they have released underground. In this case, reducing the energy used in companies, homes and offices may reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere. That’s why it advisable to emphasize on use of natural light as our source of light during the day and Eco Elite can be your solution