How To Choose A Fire Extinguishing Service For Your Commercial Space


As a business owner, the last thing you want to encounter is a fire accident on your premises. It is an unpleasant experience, but these accidents can occur. Thus, the most crucial safety device comes to the rescue – a fire extinguisher.

Every state has its fire safety measures laid down by the government. So, when you are arranging for fire extinguishers in Tigard, OR, it is essential that you do your research correctly and go with the right one.

This article covers the best ways to choose a commercial fire extinguishing service.

Essential points to remember while choosing fire safety services

Using fire extinguishers in Tigard, OR, manually may end up in a situation of panic. Thus, it is necessary that you let the professionals, who know the ups and downs of this situation,  handle it with extreme caution. Below are some factors that have a significant contribution to ensuring fire safety within the premises:

  • Past service satisfaction record of the company
  • Quality of execution and customer service
  • Overall quotation for installing fire safety touchpoints in the building
  • The time it takes to respond during an emergency
  • Whether they offer any guarantee on their services or not

Most fire accidents become severe because of an unresponsive team and insufficient knowledge about emergency measures. Thus, you need to go for a service provider that installs the equipment and gives essential awareness about using it during an emergency.

The following section includes three primary services that a commercial fire extinguishing package must include.

Three essential features to look for in fire extinguishing service

Despite having an excellent first line of defence, it is the organization’s responsibility to choose a responsive service provider. Since it is lifesaving equipment, you must ensure it is always functional.

A fire extinguishing service provider’s significant elements are broken down into three segments.

  1. Inspection

This is one of the most critical and accessible steps. Only a proper inspection procedure can ensure that equipment installation is reliable. These steps include checking the location of the equipment, installing good signage, accessibility to the extinguisher, and ease of operation.

Another essential task is ensuring the extinguishers are full and can work in a significant fire accident.

  1. Maintenance

Apart from inspecting the area and ensuring proper installation, it is also necessary to maintain the fire safety equipment. This step involves timely checking of the container’s physical condition, chemical agent quality, the extinguisher’s parts, and ease of operation.

It involves both internal and external examination of the fire safety equipment. Additionally, the maintenance team must show up at the premises regularly instead of their customers calling them repeatedly.

  1. Testing of equipment

Isn’t it risky to install something without doing a mock drill? Thus, to ensure it is in working condition, a dedicated session must be conducted to test the equipment.

This is an essential step because fire extinguishing can have multiple layers. Any wrong action can lead to a significant fire accident and could be risky for human and material resources in the building.

Final verdict

Along with looking at these features, it is also necessary to consider the service provider’s certification, qualification, and recordkeeping systems. This is because a professional provides everything under a single roof, so you don’t have to worry about fire safety.

Also, it is essential to clarify the frequency of maintenance so that you can rest assured about the system’s validity. Hence, you can easily safeguard your premise by looking at these features.