How to Determine the Volatility in Online Slot Games?


You might have probably noticed that online slots results are inconsistent. You might have won a lot of money in one session, but that doesn’t guarantee success in every session. Volatility plays a crucial role in winning a game, and it is one of the important factors that is overlooked. Volatility in online slots refers to how much and how often a slot pays on average. Volatility is of three types low, medium, and high. Here are the things you should know about volatility:

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Slot Volatility

It represents how often the slots trigger a win and also the size of the wins. A high volatility slot typically pays out a big win, while low volatility slots pay out small wins in quick successions. Medium volatility stands in between high and low volatility slots. However, the payout of every slot is both big and small wins. The slot’s volatility is measured by the Volatility Index (VI), which means the average of the total volatility.

Read the Information about the Game

Many online gambling software developers provide information about the volatility of the slots. This information is often included along with the paytable section of games along with RTP rates. Some software providers even provide a separate help page that redirects gamers where further information about the game is provided. In some cases, gamers must visit a specific page to attain this information.

Intensity of Bonus

Most online slot operators offer bonuses, including re-spins, free spins, and second screen rounds. These bonuses are specifically meant to increase the value of entertainment by introducing different game plays. This helps to win big, and sometimes, the highest bonus payment is larger than some jackpots. These type of bonus prizes increases the volatility of slot machine.

Playing the Game

Playing slot games like judi 188 is an efficient way to determine the volatility of slots. Playing numerous rounds in the specific slot games will help to get a grasp of the volatility. During the play, keep track of the results of every round and how often it comes by. It is advisable to play the free versions of the game to determine the volatility of games to reduce the risk factor. But remember that this may be an effective way to determine the actual variance, but it will consume a lot of time.

Random Feature

Online slots will also offer random features in addition to the bonuses it offers. It includes additional scatters, wild symbols, and expanding wilds. For example, it may turn regular symbols into expanding wild, or slot may randomly throw more wild symbols into the reels. These features help turn the losses into wins. However, never forget these random payouts can also take away from the regular wins.

Bottom Line

Some ways of determining volatility in slots like judi 188 can be as simple as reading the reviews. On the other hand, sometimes it needs much more attention and dedication. Gamers should note that volatility is directly proportional to the risk associated with playing the game.