How to earn customer trust with inclusive marketing?  


As a marketer, it is important to make sure that your brand’s messages are in a way that it resonates with everyone irrespective of their backgrounds – race, age, gender identity, ethnicity, religion, etc. 

Do you think this is important? 

Well, inclusive marketing is all about this only, where you create content that aligns with the diverse communities your company serves. 

By doing so, you are diminishing the cultural bias, and spread-out positivity with the help of respectful and thoughtful content. 

Now let us see how you can earn customer trust using inclusive marketing. 

Look at your customers 

It is very important to know about all your audiences. Learn about their problem and the best solution you can provide them with your product or service.  

For example, a particular segment of audience could be highly benefited by an ongoing offer, however you are not targeting them. This is going to be a loss for your brand too. 

If people interested in your product or serve feel that your brand isn’t interested to speak to them or share their values, they are most likely to feel less important and may decide to move on to another brand that value them. 

If you know your audience but aren’t sure about their email address, do not leave them just because you don’t know how to find an email address. This will affect your inclusive marketing initiatives. 

Here is a way to find their email addresses. 

How to find an email address? 

You may use the email finder tool such as to find the correct email address of your prospects within a few seconds.  

Start with the free version by signing up and then if your requirements are high, you may go for the paid plans. 

Identify special occasions besides major holidays 

Majority of the brands just run around creating social media posts and marketing content about major events, seasons, and holidays.  

Try to focus on the occasions that are important for the LGBTQ community, marginalized people, and other diverse groups. 

Use inclusive visuals 

Visuals are among the significant factors when it comes to digital marketing and promotions. 

As you might know that visual content such as videos, photos, etc. instantly hook the viewer. Therefore, you could use inclusive images, videos to inspire people to buy from you and bring down the bounce rate. 

Even the fonts and colors you pick also affect inclusion. For example, visually impaired people find it hard to read certain color schemes. 

Stay away from stereotypes and appropriation 

Besides avoiding exclusionary languages, you need to avoid the stereotypes & appropriation. This will keep you away from offending people.  

The best way to do this is by including empathy on top of your mind when you are working on your marketing initiatives.  

Final thoughts 

As discussed in this article, unlike earlier, inclusivity is no longer an optional addition to a brand’s marketing campaigns.  

You might have observed that consumers now go with the brands they believe in while choosing where to spend their money on.  

Therefore, use inclusive marketing in your strategy; you will surely get a dramatic result and enhanced brand loyalty, and an overall good perception among the audience.