How to Get the Best Cost to Ship a Car – Understand the Factors Affecting It


As the name suggests, car shipping companies transport vehicles from one place to another. These companies cater to both individual persons and business organisations. When you need transportation services, it is important that you need to trust the professional expertise of the shipping company completely. Moreover, you need to find the right company within your budget.

Car transportation rates depend on varieties of factor. You may also get off season discounts and cheap car transport. Over here, we will discuss all this in detail for your better understanding. Here are few determining factors where you need to ship your car:

  • If you are running a car dealership
  • Automobile collectors buying it out of your area
  • You are moving across the country
  • Vacationers
  • Corporations and MNCs undergoing relocation
  • College students
  • Military families
  • Individuals purchasing car from auction sites and vintage car show
  • Moving your car for car show or race

Irrespective of the need if you need to transport your vehicle, a professional transport service will make your life simple. Let us check why you should opt for it:

Mileage saving

You must calculate the resale value of your car and also risk depreciation when you are owning a vintage or classic car. There are several factors where it flaunts your status when you choose to drive it on the road. Obviously driving any type of car will inflict wear and tear to the vehicle, not to mention mileage. However, in case of auto shipping your vehicle will be delivered in the exact same condition you last saw it without even adding thousands or perhaps hundreds of miles in the memory of the car system


This is the age of digitalization and obviously drops shipping. This is the same reason why people order items online and gets them shipped at their door step rather than going to the store and selecting it. It is not luxury, it is necessity. Your choice is just one finger away. Check few websites, get quotes, and check for client testimonials and ratings before making your final decision.

Saves times

Making a move across the country can take several days or even weeks to complete the total tour. Traveling with your car is not a great idea. Not only you will be behind the wheels but the exhaustion may make you severely fall sick.  Save time, energy and go for professional services. You catch a flight, travel safe and your car will be delivered to the mentioned destination.

Factors affecting the shipping cost

The cost of transportation depends on several factors. More or less it will cost you anything between $500 and $1500 to Ship a Car, Inc from one location to another. Let’s check the other factors:

  • Preference of delivery
  • Shipping and packing options
  • Vehicle type and its condition. If extra care and services are needed, then extra charges.
  • Distance and location of the place to be delivered
  • Time of the year. Rates go higher up in the winter
  • Other miscellaneous costing