How to get your Dubai freelance


Since past many years, Dubai has become a global business hub. It’s because many international companies have chosen this country for their business operations, such as Verizon, Google, and JP Morgan. Not only the multinational corporations are doing business in Dubai, but it is also a hub for small and medium-sized enterprises, solo entrepreneurs, and startups.

In 2018, more than 20,000 new businesses have been established in Dubai. The key factors that have made this possible include strategic location, low tax, huge infrastructure, minimal bureaucracy, and low setup costs. Such a supportive environment has allowed many small businesses to launch and operate in the UAE. Moreover, getting a freelance visa Dubai is also easy.

Why do freelance in Dubai?

Freelance has become a trend in Dubai. It’s because the majority of the business owners prefer a casual workforce and distant working. This trend is expected to increase in the coming years. A survey conducted in the MENA area by Nabbesh discovered that 65% of experts consider freelancing as the best source to maintain a work-life balance. This finding is not surprising for a country with a supportive infrastructure and tax system. Here in UAE, entrepreneurs can find countless startup funds to grow their business. Plus, the legislation of Dubai is also supportive for entrepreneurs.

The tax regime in the UAE is quite favorable. Get a freelance visa Dubai and register yourself as a freelancer to get benefits of zero tax on both personal and business incomes. Besides zero tax, you will also benefit from the ability to send home all profits and capitals. You will be able to select from numerous business activities if you setup as a freelancer. The Department of Economic Development has listed more than 2000 activities that can help you get a freelance visa.

Procedure to get a freelance visa Dubai in 2019

Applying for a freelance visa Dubai is quite easy. You just need to follow a few steps to register as a freelancer. The most favorable visa is an entrepreneur visa that has been introduced 5 years back. Entrepreneurs can apply for this visa while living outside the UAE. Once their visa is approved, they can come and start their business in Dubai. You can also hire an expert business setup company to assist you with your freelance visa and license in the UAE. Trade License Zone is one of the leading business setup experts that can best handle your freelance visa Dubai. Call on 800 859 to get their services.