How to get Yourself Ready for Your Next Tattoo


The process of getting a tattoo is a fun and exciting experience, but can also be a source of stress for those unfamiliar or unprepared. Those who are new to the process might be anxious about the discomfort of receiving a tattoo, or be intimidated by the design process. Luckily, with the right preparation and mindset, and the right tattoo shop, there is no reason to fear the process.

Prepare Your Mind

Likely the most crucial aspect of preparing for your next tattoo is not preparation for the physical experience, but rather ensuring you are in the right mental state. The permanency of a tattoo represents a large aspect of why they are such an exciting art form. However, it is also important to think carefully about what you wish to get from the experience.

If you are new to the process, it is helpful to think of a design that holds a deep meaning to you. After all, if it is a design that is you are passionate about on the inside, it will be a design you are passionate about on the outside. Start small! For most individuals, their first tattoo will not be their last. But erring on the side of simplicity goes a long way towards making the process less daunting.

Prepare Your Body

It is important to feel your best on the day of your tattoo. Just like any important day, you will benefit from a good night’s sleep, ample hydration, and a nourishing meal prior to your appointment.

Ask Questions! The artist is there to help

A good tattoo artists job is not simply to put ink to skin. Rather, it is to provide the client with any assistance they need to make the process and the outcome as perfect as you hoped it would be. For many artists, such as those at Kings Head Tattoo, their work is a passion that they want to share. So whether your question be about design, implementation, or after-care, ask and be informed.