How to Use Neon Signs for Your Business


Custom neon signs fell out of favor in the 80s and 90s, but they are still a popular choice for restaurants, service businesses, and retail storefronts. From a simple “Open” sign to more complex ones, neon signs can communicate information with urgency and some flair.

Custom neon signs can be hard to miss when driving down the road. These signs will become the center of attention for your brand. You can unleash your creative instincts on your neon sign. They are easy to maintain and design. You can add your logo to a neon sign or add other creative elements to make them attractive. Neon signs can even be morphed into different silhouettes.

Benefits of Neon Signs

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Neon signs are energy efficient and have a low demand for energy. Custom neon signs will use about 50% less electricity than conventional bulbs, which translates into savings. Neon signs are also durable and will have good longevity. Any professional maintenance will catch issues before they cause serious damage. With a single, one-time investment, you can use neon signs to keep drawing crowds to your business without having to spend more. Due to the energy efficiency and the fact that neon signs last a long time, neon signs are also eco-friendly. Since they have to be changed less frequently, the amount of material waste is reduced while also improving carbon footprint. Neon signs are incredibly versatile and there are ranges of colors. The design possibilities are almost endless. Neon signs are also eye-catching and visually appealing, especially at night. Neon signs provide effective advertising that can’t be replaced by digital advertising or social media marketing. Stores with ongoing end-of-season offers and sales have seen increased revenue that comes along with customized neon signs. These signs will help you move your product faster and that means each product is sitting on the shelf less. People want to know what you are selling.

Things to Consider

While a neon sign is great for attracting people to your business, there are a few things you will want to consider. You don’t want to irritate people and businesses around you by making the neon sign appear to stand out too much. You also don’t want to put out too many signs, since this can create visual clutter and make it hard for any potential customers to figure out what you are advertising. When you are selecting a new sign, think about the message that is being sent by the sign as well as the aesthetic the sign gives to its surroundings. This can help you make sure your sign is the most effective. All you need is one creative sign to draw customers in.