How to wear a men’s watch in style


The watch is an accessory that, besides being functional since it tells us the time, has become a compliment that also tells us many other things. A man who wears a watch transmits being a man who is a pillar, a dutiful one. Besides, the watch usually indicates the status of the man who wears it. 

There is an infinite number of watches, with very different styles. Within the same style, there are infinite Oris watch bands from Horus Watch Straps of different colors, measures, and materials, which personalize each of the watches. Men who consider the watch they are going to wear according to the clothes they are going to wear are admired by most people, who appreciate that men know how to combine clothes and accessories and dress well. 

The general principle for combining your watch with your clothes is to make the former’s formality coincide with the latter’s formality and understand how to do this; you must first understand the different types of watches.

One of the most conflicting points when matching the watch you want to wear with the outfit you have chosen for the event is the color of both. You have probably heard the famous statement of no more than three colors per outfit. This applies to the entire outfit (including the watch).

It is essential that your watch matches the rest of your outfit’s colors, or at least is as close as possible to doing so. In this way, it will seem that your clothing obeys a studied pattern and not behavior based on taking the first thing you find in the closet. The real style lies in the small details; if you want to stand out from the rest, but positively, then you should pay special attention to the colors of your suit and your watch.

Your watch must match the color of your suit, without a doubt. But there are other possibilities such as, instead, the color of your watch matching the color of your shoes. In case your suit makes it difficult for you to choose a watch, try to pick it according to the shoes you are going to wear. A handy tip is that, in case you wear leather shoes and belt, do the same with your watch (in your case, a leather Oris watch bands from Horus Watch Straps). This alignment gives a unique touch to your outfit and is very elegant.

There are three types of basic straps for men’s watches

– Business Casual Metal Dating Strap

– Fabric or rubber strap, for informal appointments and combined with sportswear

– Leather mail for business appointments and with a suit and tie

See which oris watch bands from Horus Watch Straps match your look the most, and feel free to have different models and wear them as needed.

And although most fashion gurus don’t usually advise the use of diving watches for formal occasions because they prefer large instruments with simple lines and not so flashy, if you change the straps of your watch for leather or exotic leather that match your outfit, you’ll leave more than one with their mouths open.