Important Information About Car Engine Oil and Changes


Every good or experienced driver knows the importance of oil to his or her car. Why it is important though, some person’s may not be able to tell, but the fact that it is important is something we can all agree upon. As technology gets better, more accurate, the stress and damages that could ground our cars become less likely to happen. I mean, there are sensors, you can see a lot of happenings just on the dash board, therefore preventing a major car breakdown.

Today we’ll be talking about car oil and why it is very important. At the end of the article you won’t be at loss as to why you car oil needs to be changed.

Importance of Engine Oil to Your Car

Your car engine is a mechanical appliance, and as such it needs oil for its smooth running. Otherwise the moving parts will grind against each other, shearing and wearing off, and then you‘d need to replace really costly parts. So here’s what the oil does, it prevents friction of the engine’s moving parts by lubrication, this keeps everything is tip top shape. Next, oil also acts as some kind of coolant, so it transfers heat away from hot spots, dissipating it in an attempt to keep the engine at a workable temperature. Oil absorbs deaths, sludge from engines, and other combustion products.  Therefore insufficient oil or too dirty oil is very detrimental to your car engine.

When to change You Engine Oil

This can be tricky, but after a while you can get the hang of it. Your car engine oil will get darker and dirty as it is being used. When the colour of your oil has darkened and it’s full of dirt, then it might just be time to change your engine oil. Here’s a simple rule to follow. You should change your engine oil every 6 months or 5000 miles whichever comes first, this is for cars of 2008 models and above.  For cars of 2007 and older, you should change the oil every three months or 3,000 miles whichever comes first.

How To Choose The Right Car Oil

Each car has its own oil needs, so the grade of oil from car to car is usually different. You car service shop can suggest the kind of oil your car should use.  The manufacturer’s approved grade of oil for most modern cars is usually engraved on the cap of the oil compartment. It’s best to use that kind of oil for your vehicle.

How To Check Oil Levels

Some newer car models have built in electronic oil monitors. For those who don’t have though, we’ll use the same old trusted, tested and tried dip stick method. Take out the dipstick from the oil compartment, clean it against a piece of cloth and reinsert it into the oil place. Now when you bring it out you’ll see the oil level on the dip stick.


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