Individual House For Rent Vs A PG In Indore


India has the second-highest population in the world and comprises a good proportion of youngsters. There are many of them who step out of their houses in order to give wings to their future. A sizable share of migrants across the country move for education and career reasons to not just metropolitan cities but upcoming and popular cities like Pune, Indore, Vadodara, and more. Indore makes for a top choice due to its infrastructure and amenities, home to many corporate houses and educational institutes.

Most of the people who migrate here face a common concern – how to find the right accommodation for themselves. There are takers for independent houses, but a sizable share prefers living in a PG in Indore. If you are someone who’s looking for a PG in Indore, then you can check out some amazing abodes that Stanza Living has to offer. Their residences are well equipped with high-quality, well-rounded amenities and are true value for money.

Given below are some of the things that one should consider before selecting the type of accommodation for themselves, as it will have a great impact on their lives as well. If you are someone who’s looking for a PG in Indore, which is well furnished and has well amped up spaces, then you can check out Stanza Living website for properties across locations like Rau, Vijay Nagar, Bhawar Kuan, Geeta Bhawan.


Food is one of the important concerns for the people who migrate to a new place, as it is difficult for them to adapt to the new food types and develop taste for the same. When you put up in a PG, most of them have a provision of providing food within the rent amount they charge, whereas in independent houses a person either has to cook by themselves or needs to employ a cook. It is not advisable to have food from outside on a regular basis – in terms of nutritional value, freshness, and even cost, it is not a viable option. A way to solve this concern – move to a professionally managed accommodation provider like Stanza Living. They offer all-inclusive services – including multiple meals to choose from every day, cooked by chefs in hygienic kitchens, which is healthy on the person and the pocket.


Security is another such issue that people are very concerned about. When you move out of your house, your security is the foremost concern of your parents as you aren’t going to be under their shadow anymore. But when you live in a branded PG in Indore then such concerns are conveniently managed. They have a 24/7 security guard on board, who looks after the premises. They also have a strong CCTV cameras network to monitor the building and biometric entry to ensure only residents and registered staff can enter. In an independent set-up, ensuring such facilities is the responsibility of the landlord and they may not always have such dedicated, high-tech arrangements.

Social Security

It is always advisable, especially if you have recently moved to a city and are alone, to consider a PG as it provides social security, creates a warm environment, and helps you adjust faster to a new place. In case of an emergency, it can be comforting to know your roommates are going to be by your side. In an independent flat, this can be a bit of a challenge, since managing everything from your daily living needs, to running the house, to ensuring everything is safe and secure becomes a sole person’s job. Having a place where all this is already managed and roommates who can be around you makes a branded managed accommodation a better choice.