Inflatables are at Every Kids Party


The best children’s birthday parties had a bouncy castle or inflatable of some kind, but once those were a rare thing. Today more parents are realizing just how popular inflatable slides Canada, or any inflatable can be, and how much of a success they are with everyone. Bounce houses, moonwalks, water slides, party jumpers, that come in all kinds of shapes and have all kinds of names. There are even ones designed to be suitable for children and adults so everyone can be entertained, exercise and laugh together.

Look into the company

Often when looking into rentals one of the biggest considerations people have is the price. But while that can be one of the factors in how you decide, it should not be the only one, or even the main one. You should first be concerned with the quality of the inflatable. Some great companies are offering top quality inflatable slides Canada but not all of them are that concerned about safety, so you have to be vigilant about it.

In general with pricing there should be a set price that includes set up and break down done for you. You can find a good company by asking other parents who they have used, or you can look online too. While researching look at what previous customers have to say about the inflatable they used, was it clean, safe, free of worrying damage? Look around at the options before you settle on someone. There is a lot of choice so you do not have to settle for something that is not perfect for your event.

Consider safety concerns

When you are renting any kind of inflatable you need to make sure first that you do it with the safety of the children in mind. Look for a reputable company that has insurance and if you are having it somewhere other than on your land make sure you have consent or a license to do so. You cannot just set up any inflatable slip and slide in the park without follow some rules first. Go and see the inflatable before you buy or rent, preferably while it is up somewhere. You can check on the material, make sure there are no worrying tears and also that is well kept and clean.

Make sure there is room

For a bouncy house, inflatable obstacle course, or inflatable slip and slide to be fun and safe, you need to make sure you have the space and requirements for the bounce you want. It would be sad to have a water slide and then not to have water close enough, or to get a long obstacle course and not have land that is long enough. Make sure there is plenty of room around the inflatable for safety reasons as well as practical.