Is Chewing Essential for Dogs?


Have you observed your dog when eating? If you have, you probably have realized that they don’t chew their food as much as you thought. You have also probably wondered why this is so. Keep reading to understand this more.

Do Dogs Chew Food?

Well, dogs chew food but not all of it. This may seem like a shock to humans, but it is perfectly okay for dogs since digestion begins in the stomach. Therefore, nothing much happens, even when they swallow food without chewing.

Why Dogs May does not Chew Like Humans

Humans need to chew food because the saliva has to mix with the food and support nutrient release when the food gets to the stomach. The same does not happen with dogs. The nutrients are released immediately after they get into the dog’s stomach, so there is no need to break down any foods they consume. 

So Why Do Some Dogs Chew and Others Don’t?

It is all a matter of practicality for the dogs. The only reason why dogs may chew food is to ensure they fit in their throat. Picture this: in the wild, canines and animals, in general, use their teeth and mouth to carry food to safety. Once they find ideal places to eat, they tear the food and swallow them in chunks or smaller sizes that fit.

Since humans had tools to cut and tear their prey, they did not develop strong jaws like dogs. In the wild, dogs also have to swallow food as fast as possible since any slight delay may cause other animals to steal and leave them with no food. It was a matter of survival.

For dogs that chew food, sometimes it is a matter of lacking the pack mentality. Since the food is around, they are not in a hurry to devour it. After all, the best way not to lose the food they consume is to swallow it whole.

Is it Advisable for Dogs to Chew Food?

Adult dogs may not have an issue with chewing or lacking it. However, chewing is important for younger dogs/ puppies just in case the puppy has digestive issues. Chewing helps break down the food even when it gets to the stomach, making it easy to digest. This is helpful, at least until when the digestive system develops properly.

Tricks to Slow Down Fast Eaters

The secret to helping dogs eat slower is to use special bowls that force them to slow down. You can also ensure they are alone and not feel like they have competition. Finally, make the environment safe for them to eat at a reasonable pace.

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