Know In Detail About Pedicabs: Pedicab Driving, Types Of Pedicab, Manufacturing, Selling, Etc


Pedicabs, also known as ‘bike taxis’ or ‘cycle rickshaws’, are three-wheeled vehicles with a driver’s seat in the front and seating space at the back for two to four people. Pedicabs are common in many US cities. They are also one of the popular tourist attractions there. In countries these vehicles are one major mode of transportation as well. People in Bangladesh, Dhaka prefer the pedicabs over cars or buses for non-walk trips.

A pedicab is a useful small transport. If you buy one then you can travel with your family, even it can be used to do business., a China based professional pedicab rickshaw supplier, has different types of pedicab for sale. They are of good quality, reasonable in price, and some of them are electric powered. Nowadays electric pedicab rickshaws are available in order to give the driver’s legs a rest.

Types of pedicabs

  • Pedicab rickshaw:

It is known by various names such as Velotaxi in Germany, Pedicab in the UK, USA, and Canada, Rickshaw in India and China, Bike taxi in New York. In the streets of the cities pedicab rickshaws have become common. Riding in this vehicle is safe and fun as well. The loading capacity of a pedicab rickshaw is around 280 kgs.

  • Electric pedicab rickshaw:

These are automatic, hence easier and more fun to drive. If you have a long distance to travel, then this electric pedicab is apt. manufactures the best electric pedicab rickshaws with a smart design and power electrical motor. These rickshaws have high demand in the current market. The loading capacity of a pedicab with electrical assistance is approximately 300 kgs.

  • Damping the pedicab rickshaw:

If you ride this, you will not feel the bumpy while travelling. There are speed-breakers and other obstacles in the streets, but this damping pedicab rickshaw will give you a smooth riding as well as travelling experience. Its loading capacity is same like that of an electric pedicab, around 300 kgs.

What are the Advantages of being a pedicab driver?

  • A pedicabber is able to burn a lot of calories by doing a few pedicabbing shifts. As it is known that cycling is one of the best cardio exercises, hence a pedicab driver does on-the job exercise. When doing your job is enough to get you in shape and keep you healthy, then it must be considered as an outstanding advantage of being in this service.
  • As a pedicabber, you can have your own flexible work schedule. You need not work at someone’s beck and call. You can work independently, comfortably and can enjoy doing the service more.
  • Most importantly thing is that, these pedicabs are eco-friendly. If you want to earn money without causing much harm to the environment, this is a suitable profession for you.
  • Being a pedicab driver, you get the chance of meeting new people and exploring new places. It is also a great way to increase your historical and geographical knowledge.
  • The cost of operating and maintaining a pedicab is comparatively less.

The Disadvantages

  • Pedal powered transportation has a higher risk of injury and causes a lot of stress also.
  • Pedicabbers have to work on weekends when most of the people enjoy holidays.
  • The earning is highly volatile. It depends on certain factors such as weather, any occasion or event, etc.

The Business ideas

Taking a pedicab is undoubtedly one of the most efficient or cost-effective way to get around. People prefer to ride in pedicabs because they are eco-friendly, more pleasant than taxis, and afford exposure to a city’s sights and sounds. Hence, you can surely try your hands at your own bicycle or pedicab taxi service. Be it a romantic ride through a park, or a sightseeing visit around a town, tourists would love to enjoy a comfortable relaxing ride in a pedicab.

If you can manage to secure a license, then you can be well on your way to establishing a profitable business. Make sure that the business is located in spots frequently visited by tourists. Apart from that try to build an amiable relation with the local hotels, tourist attractions, so that they promote your pedicab service to their guests for an enjoyable ride.