Living Room Furniture Shopping: 4 Tips For Buying A Fabric Sofa In Singapore


Furniture shopping can be as tricky and stressful as buying a house or finding the perfect HDB unit. You will need to spend many hours scouring offline and virtual home improvement shops to find the ideal bed to sleep in, the most spacious yet stylish dining set, or a functional study desk for your Singapore home office. You will need to weigh the pros and cons of choosing one over the other to see if your chosen piece suits your aesthetic and lifestyle. You may waste your time, energy, and money if you impulsively purchase a kitchen cabinet or bedside table without carefully considering its quality, price, size, and appearance.

Among the numerous furnishings you need for your abode, the sofa is arguably one of the most challenging pieces to get. Finding and choosing the best one that fits perfectly in your home can be overwhelming and tiresome—especially with the number of options available in living room furniture stores. While you can choose not to buy and own a sofa, not having a specific area for lounging other than your bed can be troublesome. While you can lie down, browse social media, watch movies, and eat snacks in bed, there is nothing better than having a fabric sofa dedicated to resting and relaxing at home.


Aside from being the designated lounging area, a couch allows you to entertain guests and keep them comfortable while staying inside your home. They can sit on your sofa to chat, enjoy biscuits, chips, teas, smoothies, or colas, or binge-watch your favourite series. You will not want to bring your visitors to your bedroom to catch up—especially if you only have a super single bed size in your humble Singapore dwelling.

But before visiting a physical or online living room furniture store, you should learn what to look for in a fabric sofa that suits your home’s interior design while addressing your needs. Thanks to modern innovations, you no longer have to choose comfort over style and durability since you can find and get sturdy, cosy, and aesthetically-pleasing couches in virtually every home improvement store in the city-state.


A Homeowner’s Guide To Buying A Fabric Sofa

With the number of stores selling living room furniture, buying a fabric sofa in Singapore can be tricky, especially if you do not know what to look for in an ideal couch. You can visit a nearby shop and buy a sofa that seems to fit your criteria, but how can you guarantee that you will make the right purchase?

To help you shop for a fabric sofa for your Singapore home, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1.  Pick A Sofa Type And Style

Like other furniture pieces, a fabric sofa can come in different types and styles. You can pick the traditional three-seater couch that suits most homes or opt for a loveseat if you have limited living space. You can also choose a modular or sectional fabric sofa that will remind you of Lego blocks or buy a couch that turns into an additional bed for your guests.

After choosing a couch type, browse the living room furniture store and learn about the fabric sofa styles they offer. If you want to give your home a luxurious look, you can pick a Chesterfield fabric sofa in your living area’s accent colour. But if you want a versatile couch that suits many interior design styles, you can opt for a Lawson or English roll arm in a neutral colour palette.

2.  Check Its Sturdiness And Comfort

After picking a fabric sofa type and style, you can further narrow your options by checking the couches’ durability and comfort. If you purchase a sofa from a physical living room furniture store, you can inspect your couch choices up close and see if their frames, joints, and suspensions are of the best quality. But if you are too busy to drop by a physical store, fret not since many trustworthy online shops describe their products in detail to inform customers like you about an item’s build.

Aside from sturdiness, consider comfort when purchasing a fabric sofa in Singapore. You should understand the different cushioning and filling options and see which one suits your needs and preferences. Moreover, consider the couch’s upholstery and look for loose seams, holes, or uneven stitches that affect its quality.

3.  See If It Fits Your Room

Before taking a fabric sofa home, ensure that it fits the available space in your living area. Before visiting a virtual or offline living room furniture shop, find your trusty measuring tape and jot your space’s dimensions. Keep those numbers in mind when going to your chosen store and see if they offer a couch that fits your home since the last thing you will want is a fabric sofa that is too bulky or tiny for your dwelling.

Moreover, you should pick a fabric sofa that matches your preferred interior design style. Like buying a bedside table or other Singapore home furniture pieces, you should always keep your aesthetic in mind when buying a couch to avoid living in a home with clashing or underwhelming designs.

4.  Watch Out For Promos And Discounts

There is no better feeling than scoring a couch, bed, or dining set at a sale price in Singapore. If you want to minimise your expenses for furniture shopping, consider purchasing a fabric sofa during promo seasons. You can even wait for free or discounted shipping promos to help you save on hefty transportation costs!

If you are unsure if your chosen living room furniture store offers discounts, you can always ask their sales or customer support representatives. Remember, making inquiries will not hurt anyone and may even bring exclusive promos that will allow you to save money.

Start Shopping For Living Room Furniture Today!

Buying living room furniture can be tiresome and overwhelming—especially if you purchase a fabric sofa that will likely become your lounge’s centrepiece. Fortunately, you can refer to the buying guide above to find and choose the best couch that suits your needs, preferences, and aesthetics.

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