Los Angeles Cannabis Scene Welcomes Lowell Farms : A Cannabis Cafe


Likely, you’ve seen movies in which the plot might have to do with somehow consuming food laced with marijuana. The 1998 Dave Chappelle film, Half-Baked, featured a scene in which the characters bake brownies that are laced with pot. Certainly, that’s only one example of cooking with cannabis.

You might be surprised to find that with the popularity of organically grown cannabis, cannabinoid oil, and other similar products, many people are considering cooking with cannabis.

Lowell Farms Cafe is an organic cannabis restaurant, the first on United States soil. It is family owned and operated, and it is located in West Hollywood, California. Only eight licenses to operate a cannabis restaurant and lounge were procured by the city of West Hollywood, and Lowell Farms was the first applicant to receive one of the coveted permits.

The goal of the Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe was to provide not only foods prepared using cannabis, but also farm fresh food and assorted coffees and juices. The cafe is meant to be a place where those who are knowledgeable about consuming cannabis are just as at home as the newbie looking to try new things.

Some may be surprised to learn that a number of foods can be prepared using cannabis. Our cannabis has been organically grown on the Lowell Family Farm, and only the latest technology has been utilized to extract the cannabis from farm’s harvest. Lowell Farms delivers fresh organic cannabis to the Los Angeles cannabis industry.

Lowell Farms Cafe will offer farm fresh food, coffee, and juices as well as organically grown cannabis concentrate. The cannabis grown and cultivated at Lowell Family Farms is of the highest quality; it is grown organically, which means that it is grown using the most natural methods of farming possible. The fertilizer is organic, and the flowers cultivated on Lowell Family Farms are free of synthetic pesticides. In fact, Lowell Family Farms insists on using natural materials including the seeds (no GMO products)to the final product sold.

Now that you know you’ll be consuming only the finest organically grown cannabis at the Lowell Farms Cafe, you might want to know the head chef is the famed Andrea Drummer. Drummer is the creative cook who has not only made a name as a talented chef, but a talented cannabis chef. Drummer has created many infused (with cannabis) dishes that she is known for, but she has also imagined a line of dishes that might not contain cannabis, but they are flavorful complimentary dishes to those with cannabutter or cannaoil as an ingredient.

Keep in mind that Ms. Drummer has been at the forefront of dreaming up cannabis infused dishes since 2012. Her reputation often precedes her, and what a reputation at that! One goal of Drummer and her cooking team is to provide foods that provoke a heightened sense of both taste and smell – not only furthering your food experience, but your cannabis enjoyment as well. Not all food is infused, but it is all designed to enhance the diner’s palate.

Visit the Lowell Farms Cafe in West Hollywood, California – you won’t be disappointed!