Mobile or Dedicated – What Should You Target for Gaming?


The holiday period saw the releases of the latest offerings from both Sony and Microsoft with the new PlayStation and Xbox respectively, with both hitting incredible sales numbers over Christmas. With big titles still yet to release, it’s expected that both consoles will have the best early release of any that have come before and continue to push the console market forward. Similarly, the PC gaming market has been performing extremely well as esports continues to grow and pulls in record numbers of viewers for each big event. The other side of the coin has the rapidly growing space for mobile gaming as some of the most popular genres continue to shift – with offerings in gambling as USA casinos for UK players grow more popular during the past year as a prime example, it seems many have become a fan of both dedicated and mobile. But if you have to make the choice of just one, which would you go for? And how should you best target your interests for gaming.

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Mobile – The reasons for choosing mobile are fairly simple – in the long run, it’s certainly much cheaper as you’re only covering the cost of the device which you may have otherwise done anyway for your day-to-day usage, and with games either being free or only having small transaction costs, it’s much cheaper than shelling out the hundreds for the dedicated console and each individual game too. Big names have been moving over to mobile recently too, so although you won’t be hitting any of the big AAA releases any time soon, you’ll at least have plenty of big names for entertainment, and with the future of gaming set to be firmly in mobile, it may not be long before bigger and more complex titles make the shift too.

Dedicated – Although with a much higher price attached to them, the reasons for sticking to dedicated are just as obvious – you’ll be able to play the latest big releases, and performance goes way up. With the rise of different online interests like esports and streaming, focussing on dedicated, particularly with a PC will enable you to move into either space much easier too as mobile is still developing in this area – another big distinction is that many of the games on dedicated systems require much more time, unlike mobile titles simply hopping in and out is less of an option and you’ll need to dedicate some extra hours to finish those playthroughs.

To those who are already gamers, the choices may seem like a no brainer, but there are surging numbers of new users finding their own interests in gaming and it can be hard to pinpoint where the best options are – the best approach is to simply try both, see what fits with your budget and lifestyle, and for others to excited that gaming is finally growing in the way it has needed to.