In the rising time of science and technology everyone is opting for the digital world. As you can observe now a days all the major and college entrance paper are conducted online. Even the interviews for the job are conducted on the video call. Video call is one of the best technologies that one can use these days. Video call is not only being used by the people for talking to their loved ones but also the companies also it to conduct the online meeting and even interviews. Even the colleges are giving the lectures to the students with the means of the video calls and online lectures. For one to make a video call one should have following things

  • Good internet connection
  • Webcam
  • Audio speaker and mic
  • Supporting application

From the above one elements the most vital things are internet connection, audio and video devices. One can manage a good connection easily with a good network simcard but the problem comes for the audio and video devices.  As communicating with each other is a new means to connect with each other a person should be well aware about the process of how to connect with online through various apps.

So to check and see that your webcam and mic is properly functioning and compatible with your device you can go for an online tester of mic and webcam. Online mic test and online webcam test are provided by different websites to check the functioning and compatibility of your mic and webcam. They provide it infact free of cost. Also they not only check it but they also guide through the possible problem the one can have and how to solve it. You can find the online test on the internet where they will provide you set of instruction to check the mic and webcam. Generally these instructions are like you have to click on the mic icon appearing on the screen and then speak. If the mic is working properly the test will tell you the result in the form of sound wave appearing besides it and moves as you speak. On the other side to test the webcam one may click the camera like icon on the screen this will start your camera. So if the camera is working properly and compatible with your device then your face will appear on the screen. If nothing appear on the screen then the webcam may be not in good condition to work or may be not compatible with the device,

These online tests have made people to easily and firstly self-check the webcam and mic without going anywhere or to anyone. Sometimes these tests are helpful and save you the cost and time of going to the computer engineer. So if you are trying the video call for the first time you should first test your webcam and microphone to see if they are properly working. These online tests will be very helpful