Organic Pest Control Methods for Your Garden


There are growing concerns about traditional pest control methods. Due to this, most gardeners want to utilize safer and more eco-friendly approaches that’ll keep bugs under control when using wholesale plant pots. There are speculations about whether organic pest control methods work. The simple answer is yes; it can be more effective than traditional options. In this article, we’ll explore five effective organic pest control methods you can use in your gardens.

Use Neem Oil Spray

You can find neem oil in the seeds of the neem tree. It’s best when you want to deal with potato beetles, squash bugs, bean beetles, and many more leaf-eating beetles. Need oil is an excellent option for pest control because it contains several natural steroids. When it’s applied to a plant, pests lose interest in laying eggs. They’ll also eat less and tend to grow more slowly.

Sticky Trap

An excellent option for keeping pests away from plants grown in wholesale plant pots is sticky traps. These are usually rigid materials coated with a sticky substance. They’re used to catch insects attracted to the color of the trap. For sticky traps to be effective, you need the trap to be clean and sticky. While you can buy packaged sticky traps, making one with the right color is always a good option.


These are parasitic nematodes, and they’re great for killing host insects in just a few days. These microscopic roundworms kill caterpillars, cutworms, root maggots, and many more soil-dwelling plants. They’re usually found in most soil, but you should note that there are not enough nematodes to control many pests. 

Floating Row Covers

These are translucent, porous polyester fabrics that act as an insect barrier for your plants grown in wholesale plant pots. It is an excellent option because although it keeps pests away, it still lets in 80% of the light. There are lightweight and heavyweight options, so you should choose the best for your weather condition.