Perks of Vinyl Plank That Others Flooring are Missing on

Home Improvement

If you are in the procedure of buying a new home getting it constructed on your own, you will need to make many important decisions out of which flooring is an important aspect. When we talk about flooring, luxury vinyl Plank has to be considered because of the advantages it offers. This material has undergone a remarkable transformation from the earlier linoleum which we used to find at the place where our grandparents lived. Present-day vinyl planks are nothing but an excellent addition to the interior decor of your house. Here are some notable perks of vinyl Plank that other flooring options are missing on:

  • Cost Effective


Vinyl planks are completely worth the price you pay for them because of their durability and affordability in comparison to hardwood flooring or tile flooring even though the look they create is quite similar. For people who don’t want to expand their budget, vinyl planks are the best choice.

  • Beauty

Vinyl planks look appealing due to the bright colours in which they are available along with different designs and patterns. Some of them are even created to look similar to a ceramic tile or wooden floor. The surface of a vinyl tile is textured which makes them appear similar to wood or stone.

  • Comfort

Vinyl Plank floors are softer in comparison to wooden floors or stone tiles. The veneer of felt which is beneath increases its flexibility and comfort level under your feet while standing. LVT has an extra layer for protection against scuffs and scratches making it thicker and comfortable.

  • Durability

Vinyl plank can be very long-lasting because it’s capable of withstanding heavy traffic. This is one major reason why people use vinyl Plank in the bathroom, kitchen, laundry, and sometimes all over the house. Several manufacturers of vinyl Plank provide warranties of nearly 15 years or even more. With proper installation, vinyl planks can last up to 20 years and even more.

These are some significant perks of using vinyl planks in your house. You can contact flooring companies to know about carpet installation cost. There are different types of vinyl flooring which can be differentiated based on colour, design, type, etc.