Preparing For Divorce – The Steps To Take When Divorce Is Inevitable


Getting a divorce is not an easy or small feat. It is difficult. It is a trying period that involves a lot of hardship, from emotional to financial aspects, and it can wreak havoc on the life of the unprepared. Hence, you’ll see individuals hiring the best divorce lawyer in Singapore and seeking support from friends and loved ones.

Separating from your partner can be one of the hardest things to face in life. Many grieved while in this process as if someone departed. The death of a union can be haunting and depressing for most people, and it’s sometimes unbearable to deal with.

If you’re planning to file a divorce from your spouse, preparing yourself for the process can be a lifesaver. While the marriage is beyond repair, you can still conserve and save yourself from the stress of dealing with such an emotional process. In most cases, you’ll have to hire a good divorce lawyer in Singapore to help you get through. However, knowing the steps ahead is still a task that you’ll have to carry as part of your responsibility.

The Steps For Preparing For Divorce

Divorce is coverage of legal process, and it’s often an uphill battle of interest that seeks proper resolution and settlement between two parties amidst the dissolution of marriage. One can expect paperwork, settling debts, tackling child custody and dividing aspects as one of the most common coverages during a divorce.

Here are some of the most essential steps to take as part of the preparation:

Step 1 – Seek a divorce lawyer

In some cases, some would consider hiring a family lawyer in Singapore to help settle the problem without litigation. It’ll be more time and money-saving for both parties to arrive at such a settlement. However, many can still find this to be a difficult task and therefore, litigation is inevitable to happen.

The lawyer that you hire will provide you sound legal advice during the divorce process and help you understand the law and how they work. It refrains you from making terrible decisions and poor course of action during the procedure.

However, be on guard that some attorneys and lawyers can communicate poorly with their clients. So, choosing an attorney is something you should take time with. Understand that they play the most crucial part in the process and championing and defending your interest. Divorce in Singapore can cost you a lot (especially with contested divorce). Therefore, your lawyer should keep on hand with you and the process.

Step 2 – Determine your current financial stand


Understand that the process will involve financial aspects. In some cases, decisions may drag your assets and property to the court. Financial accounts, vehicles and other assets can be split during the process. Thus, you should consider aspects and finance by gathering documentation about its purchase detail, current value, etc. You have to determine what you really own, what you owe, and what you don’t. You will also need to identify your income as part of the process.

Since divorce in Singapore is a two-step process (contested and uncontested) before receiving an Interim judgement, both types can still cost you. The distribution of assets and debts can take a toll on a person’s finances. Divorce can end in a financial disaster because of all these contested terms, conflicts and disagreements since ‘matrimonial’ assets will be divided. The maintenance fee for children and spouses goes along the way and takes a toll on the financial aspect.

Step 3 – Protect financial account


It’s no strange tale for a spouse to raid or tamper with another’s financial account upon knowing that divorce is about to occur. It could be out of anger, revenge or the advice of a lawyer. Therefore, it can be necessary to take measures to protect your financial account.

If you have a joint account with your spouse or partner, it is better to take action by setting up another one in your name and removing the funds you have from the shared one. You can talk to your good divorce lawyer about what you should further do and document your spending.

Step 4 – Plan your post-divorce budget


Life is often not the same anymore after divorce. Living your life after it is something you should think about and plan ahead soon. Understand that your income will be different (often low), and your lifestyle will likely be. Expect you’ll be the one who will pay the bills alone without someone to share, and it can be a tough challenge ahead.

Refining your savings and expenses by having a plan ahead of time can be a lifesaver. Your options for divorce settlement can be an influencing factor too. Therefore, ensure that you consider asking for advice in this aspect from your good divorce lawyer.

Step 5 – Be on your best self


Bad times can bring out the worst in you. While the maxim may often be true, especially when you’re dealing with divorce, expenses and thinking about lawyer fees for divorce, it’s never a reason to show poor behaviour. Remember, it can pose a serious question to the court and be significant leverage to your spouse.

As much as possible, spend time taking care of yourself, giving time to your child, and staying close to your friends and loved ones. Always find the strength to soar above reproof.

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